First look at Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Wow, I didn't see this coming at all, they sure started out with quite the bang. Seeing as how nothing else of interesting airs on Fridays, I'll see how long I'll last with this one. I am not saying this is good by any means, it was just mind blowing and had some insanely fast pacing which I always like. It almost makes up for how nothing is explained and nothing makes sense at all. Talk about making random flashy scenes cause they can, who needs sensible settings?

So they are starting off with an extremely out of place scene. Telling us a character is dead before we meet them, I guess they are trying to go for the grim dark feel. They even had the maximum trolling of it clearly looking like she was going to die in the coming flashback. They really had you believing the flashback was where she would die.

After five minutes, we finally get our first song. I was awaiting my singing anime to finally pick up, I love insert songs. It seems like another anime focused heavily around music, like Macross. An extremely song heavy one too, we had like 4? 5? different songs being played in this episode. It seems it will be the first and last time we will see the two sing as duo though.

Two characters dead within the first episode. They are really going for that whole grimdark thing. I was under assumption the two of them would be the main characters throughout, this was highly unexpected. Being lancer sure is suffering. It still made no sense why she randomly had to suicide like that. She could have easily retreated and let blue handle things. Blue had just transformed and was still in peak condition. Way to create unnecessary drama.

I found this endlessly humourous. They skip back to the present that is two years later. Clearly they have been fighting them for a while now yet they only realize now that their weapons are useless? I couldn't stop laughing at that. Our unexpected mystery enemy that only singing girls can defeat and appear from thin air. Inb4 super deep revelation: Good music > noise, look at all those super hidden meanings!

If one of them had to die, blue sure has a better fighting technique and I preferred that she survived. She seems infinitely stronger then how they were originally portrayed though. In one episode, they have already effectively broken power balance in the two fights screen time. I also found it hilarious how they told her to backup the military that already declared they were useless.

In the end, we have a super fast paced anime with zero sense in what they want to achieve. It will be like getting two episodes of Guilty Crown instead of one! Next week we will at least get a new Valkyrie to start battling. I couldn't figure out what weapon she used, but I can only assume a spear since they flashed Gungnir on their screen. A replacement for the dead lancer only to suffer the same fate. Being lancer is suffering.