Gundam Age 14 - This Was not What I Signed up for!

I would think I should have saw this coming but it was to late to steel my heart when I first realized what was about to happen in my anime. I guess Yurin was just too good to be true, the fate of anything that looks seems decent. This is why we can't have nice things. I wonder how this story will extend further with the main enemy on the brink of destruction, where will they bring in the new nemesis?

What was the point of giving every random character one line this episode? You got this guy rallying together half destroyed troops when that other guy got his one line proclaiming to fix all the suits up. Why was the purpose of that engineer even showing up? That ship they are driving is just a sitting duck to get shot out. It is almost like we would forget they were busy foodering the battle. At least they didn't give the useless federation guys lines too.

No one believes in him, he is just cannon fooder with lines. Seriously, what is this guys roll in this anime? He keeps getting lines but does nothing all season. I swore he was the one that was going to die this episode to make room for a new pilot that could do something. I am glad White Wolf stole his girl, at least he will be able to satisfy her.

Side stuff aside, the core of the episode focusing around the battle of coordinators. Even as they started battling, I was oblivious to what was going to happen, then came the pink suit and I said "Oh shit". The second she showed up her fate was sealed. It didn't help that her reasoning for coming was ridiculous. Why would she never be able to see Flint again? It was pretty clear this was one of the worst lines of logic ever. Flint even has a proven track record of being able to beat Desil. I guess this is what happens when you don't have faith in your lover.

She looks much better without the ribbon in her hair. I was really hoping she would last longer as the one to be the lover throughout this show being clearly superior to the childhood friend. I guess this just hit hard as my heart was set on her winning over Flint. They really love doing these heart to heart moments before death, at least it wasn't floating bodies in space. Damn I am still angry she had to die for the plot.

Ignoring the insta win mode he went into afterwords, why didn't he use this superman mode before? Why did he have to lift that door up instead of just blowing it up? Why would you dock your flagship before all the troops outside are killed? There are just so many questions! You could easily keep bombing the station until they are dead. The question is how jaded Flint becomes after this event, I seriously hope he doesn't turn to that childhood friend for comfort. Enter a new heroine plox.