Gundam Age 13 - Transforming Ships

After being drawn out for such a long time, we finally get direct confrontation with the UE. It took long enough for them to lay a strike against this super terrifying enemy. They way they are portrayed, it is a wonder why the military didn't act until now. They also made it clear they are not from Earth too. They are way too humanoid to not be human though, still leaning on them being the secret service for the federation or coordinators that escaped and created their own society.

So the childhood friend is finally getting pushed to make the first move; We can expect her heartbreak soon. She will finally sum up the courage to try to ask only to be cut off when Flint learns that the better girl has been kidnapped and the childhood friend will know the sad truth that she is forever friend zoned. I seriously hope she goes away, damn useless character trying to stop the Gundam from going pewpewing stuff up.

As the battles begins, any one else notice the first salvo missed terribly? It is a huge space station and some were pretty far off. Also, I couldn't believe that the nameless crappy mobile suits can suddenly beat the UE too. We went from the start of the anime where they didn't even have records of anyone surviving or beating even one, to one imba kid and his suit. Now we have everyone beating them in a short span of maybe 2-3 weeks? I am sure loving the balance here.

Finally we get to see the Gundam mass killing the enemy. Every other time he only kills one or two and already super accomplished since the UE backs off after that. We finally get him kill see kill 8-11 enemies at once, and 5 of them you saw the killing blow too! (11 pink explosions and 8 dots disappeared on the monitor for the discrepancy D:) It took him long enough to start using his seed skills.

Finally our transforming ship was able to fire the killing blow. Judging by what happened, there is already a hole in the space station now, I think they won. The max effective range doesn't seem to matter if it is still strong enough to blow a hole through the whole station. Also, with such a powerful cannon now, why did they bother staying in their old untransformed mode? Why would you want a transforming ship in the first place, it is highly inefficient to have all those moving pieces if the other mode serves no purpose. Why can't my animu make sense D:

Nothing like a hug from a Gundam to soothe your suicidal tendencies. At least this was what I was used to seeing in my Gundam shows. Suiciding for no reason to create emo drama. He even still has a functional gun but decided to ram  the ship instead of using the gun. The staple within my Gundam anime is super emoness, they sure delivered this episode. All we are missing is some sort of betrayal now.

They made it pretty obvious the federation would come save them. All those machines look much better then the junk they are using to fight the UE now. They were pretty clear this episode that the UE claim to not be earthlings. This still feels off, I am leaning on the coordinator route still. I guess next week will mark the destruction of the base and unveiling of the kidnapping, I can't wait.