Gundam Age 12 - Narrated Strategy the Anime

Been a long holiday break and I am way behind on making posts T_T. I am not sure if I will go back and redo all the final review posts, I'll see. Half this episode was both captains explaining all their crazy strategies to the viewers. This would be fine and dandy if the plans were intricate like Death Note. This was just unnecessarily long swapping back and forth between the captain's heads. The good news is we didn't have to deal with the useless childhood friend this episode.

The first tactic was actually decent, it was all downhill with the rest of the lame tactics that they felt they had to narrate. I still question how they managed to hide all those ships in the first place. The Gundam I can understand. Though, the that was some amazing aim to hit those guns perfectly. I doubt the 2 mobile suits getting caught had any real problems, they could always raise their shields in time to save themselves. Only the helm was really screwed.

Skip ahead to the arrival of the UE. All those extra display how useless they are as always. They mentioned that there was a total of 10 UE machines, they had at least 20 suits launched and still lost badly. When you are so useless, why even bother. I hate how little balance there is in this show. Suddenly, even that third pilot was able to beat a UE when his gun used to be deflected instantly on shot. Did he level up his gun stats while we weren't watching?

It took long enough, finally our main character activated his seed skills, or X-Rounder in this version. Quite clearly all the other UE are X-Rounders ( or coordinators) as a secret ops kind of thing. I wonder when they will drop that CRAZY revelation to our main character where he goes into emo mode realizing he is the same as the ones he has been killing. They have been setting this up from the beginning with him killing all the UE. It will only be a matter of time before he takes the Kira route and just disarms everyone instead of killing. I can't wait to drop it when that happens <.<

It was clear she was much more involved in the plot. They had their fun time last episode so it is about time she get captured as the damsel in distress. A reason for Flint to continue pursuing the UE after they inevitably destroy the base. I hope that time comes soon so we can ditch the childhood friend and replace her with a a superior girl. This show still lacks any sort of balance to at least make it watachable. I can stand the emoness but not such blatant power that shifts based on the plots needs.