Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle -12-13 - Fool's Puzzle

I'm not gunna lie, I have been procrastinating posting these last two episodes for quite a while, and I think that reflects my oppinion of the show. Phi Brain just doesn't have anything that interests me all that much to keep me up to date with it. I can't really explain why I don't like the show all that much, but there isn't really anything that I dislike in particular. Hopefully I'll come up with some reasons in my review post.

Because a fool made it.
Episode 12 was probably one of the slowest paced episodes thus far, however it was a great return for Rook and an even greater set up for the next episode. All in all the episode was boring as hell and served as a set up for episode 13 where Kaito and Rook attempt the Fool's Puzzle.

One thing that bugged me was how easy it was for Rook to trick Kaito into following him to England in so that Rook can test Kaito's skills in the most dangerous puzzle so far. We finally see the majority of Kaito and Rook's past, however I felt this was just a lame excuse to info dump their past on us. Looking back on it, the episode fell flat of expectations as it was just way to easy for Rook to snatch Kaito away from his friends. Ana and the others had some suspicions about Rook but nothing developed from it. It would have been nice to see a confrontation of some sort between Rook and a member of Kaito's gang about Rook's intentions, but instead they all sat down and did nothing.

How the hell did he kick the saw?
Episode 13 proceeded to be of minor excitement, but a big welcome to some actual danger instead of the stupid dangers in the previous puzzles. The Fool's Puzzle is some sort of tower where elevators serve as the puzzle in order to reach the top before fire and giant saws take your life. Honestly I felt this puzzle fell short of it's built up expectations, If you have an episode dedicated only to setting up a puzzle, then the puzzle better damn well be epic, and this puzzle fell short of my expectations. The puzzle started with a scene where we can see all the skulls of previous solvers who have attempted this puzzle, Kaito even felt nothing but death and murderous intentions from the puzzle. This was good, a great set up for the puzzle since all the other puzzles in this show are blown up Sudoku's or other small time puzzles.

Unfortunately after seeing the giant saws and fire, in the end Kaito is simply using elevators to reach the top within a time limit while avoiding spinning saws. There was no real puzzle or traps, just a simple timed race to the top. Rook was even able to easily move about and save Kaito from the Tower with ease, as if it was all just a show and not the murderous puzzle we were lead to believe it was.

Rook is an awesome character, wish I could say the same for Kaito. 
At this point I don't know where we stand, Kaito has just failed Rook's test but was spared, I suppose we will see more puzzles from Rook? The next episode appears to be Edison's episode, although I can't see how this could be any good unless he is able to mess with Rook like he says he will. I find these last two episodes were a big let down, we didn't get anywhere, if anything we just had an info dump on Kaito and Rook's past. The reunion of Kaito and Rook was pretty poor, Kaito has had no character progression at all these last few episodes and it really hurts to throw him in with Rook when we don't have much of a connection with the main character for such critical moment in the show.