Guilty Clown 13 - Take that 17%

 After our intense episode last week, we got a half baked school festival episode. I was expecting some full blown festival but it was cut short pretty badly. At least we got new OP and ED even if the new ED sucked. It was a decent episode I guess, a short break between arcs is pretty common. I guess it was we got so much Ayasa and Tsugumi  screen time that I didn't absolutely hate it.

The major and probably hugely over dramatic focus was on Ayasa. She was pretty much screwed when she got pulled out, there was nothing she could do for Gai. Everyone blaming themselves for Gai's death is pretty odd when it was clearly Shoe's fault. I would expect more people to be pointing the finger at him instead. I hate how helpless Ayasa appeared this episode, she was always so strong previously. I guess I can forgive her since she did lust after Gai pretty badly.

Then we get this genius proposing this terrible idea. Interesting to see the date 2039, their is no way in hell we will have advanced looking cities/mechs by then. A bit too optimistic about technology if you ask me. You would think their would be more fear running around after such a catastrophic event. After something like that, I would assume most people would try to hide away to not get infected. Where is the paranoia that comes after crazy events?

Tsugumi  made for great filler time all episode at least. I guess she never really had a chance to shine all season. She was always just some side character doing side stuff and fanservice butt bumping screen moments. They are starting to pair her off with Daryl can only mean Daryl will switch sides! That or he becomes the Viral of Guilty Clown.

Those flying leg void! First thing I thought was "WTF is this Strike Witch shit?" and I haven't even watched Strike Witch ever. You would think that Ayasa would be enough to win already, what was the need for two voids to beat one mech? Not to mention if they played their cards right, they could have just stolen that mech giving them a new one to work with. I forsee a terrible leading future for Shoe.

Ending off with that final push on what the next arc will be. Clearly being all marked for death, it will be up to Shoe to lead everyone to safety. It shouldn't even be too hard. They walk to the wall with him pulling voids out everywhere and just destroy that wall. That sword he gets from Inori is just too game breakingly powerful. With all their flashback points to keep viewers interested previously, does this mean they will resort to cliffhangers at the end of every episode now?