Another 02 - Nurse Death Flag Raised

That was a slow start to the episode but picked up pace near the end. I think it is pretty much confirmed now that Misaki is indeed a ghost. The question is why is our main character is the only one that can see her? I still wonder what the actual curse of the class is, they haven't revealed what actually happens. There is still so many questions in this anime, I hope things pan out well.

I wonder if this is foreshadowing for the future. Either way, lines like these reaffirms my lack of ability to understand art. It just seemed like a bunch of scribbles with fancy words to describe it, it is more about how well you can spin it. It reminds me of that video of a 4  year old clearly just playing around with paint and being called a genius in abstract art. I guess I just can't see things abstractly. Though it seemed like they were in an art class, the teacher told him to save it for art club. I guess it was too far out there for even art class.

A parents job is to crush the artsy dreams of their children and firmly plant them in reality. After all, sculptures can't put food on the table! Though she mentions that the librarian guy was real and he acted like Misaka was not there leads you to solidify Misaki is a ghost. I just wonder why the 2 classmates didn't want the main character to enter the library. I assume it is deeply linked to Misaki's death.

The second she said she would dig up all the information for him, she was as good as dead. Mystery stories hold out all the important information as long as possible. I don't expect anyone to even tell the main character about the curse for another few episodes. Even more so when she cuts out midway through the phone call, I wonder how she died though? Here is to the nurse that never had a chance.

So her role is finally solidified. She is clearly the one responsible with handling all matters relating to the curse. I am guessing we will be seeing more of her obstructing the main character from learning the truth until she finally caves and works together. I wonder what kind of counter measures you can even put up against curses? Just what needs to be covered up so badly that they can't speak of it? I still think that the main character being born in this town is a crucial part of the curse which is why she is so adamant about it.

Who would seriously go into a shop like this? I mean, how does the business survive? The owner even knows that it looks creepy. All she has to do is turn up the lighting a bit and everything would look less gloomy. It is here we are confirmed that Misaki is really a ghost. She mentions clearly that no one else was in the shop which was the first direct mention. Everything else could have been people ignoring her in the past.

Why must they troll us with this cliff hanger end? Who wouldn't want to know what is under that eye patch? It could be anything! Even another eye! I did have a slight theory midway that everyone in this town/class is dead and Misaki is just the ring leader. The title must be heavily linked to the truth, the question is how? I still wonder how they plan on digging up information from 26 years ago to solve the mystery, that is a long time to be going back. I greatly look forward to how this unravels even if this episode was not as fast paced as I like.