Chihaya Furu 15 - the conclusion of Omi Jingu

Due to my genetic composition and inherent ADD, I can't seem to maintain a schedule. Unfortunately due to high levels of Aaro exposure, I have developed a partial need for consistency. Therein, I feel the need to finish this series, since I do like it a lot and still watch it, just not on a weekly basis.

I will try my best to succumb to brevity.

Look at the geometry!

The reasons I like Chihaya Furu is because it reminds me of other series I enjoyed and still cherish. The two main ones are HikaGo and Nodame. The soundtrack in this episode was really reminiscent of Nodame with upbeat, mischievous tones and well-placed symphonic grandeur. So far the directors and producers have made sensible choices in this production. Although, in some parts of this episode I felt the melodrama was a bit dense. Luckily these moments were concise in their dramatic flair.

This episode could be split into three "arcs" if I may. The first concluded the Shinobu-Chihaya match with Chihaya's crushing defeat. It was nice to see that she has not lost her enthusiasm in the wake of her defeat. It's been a while since I've seen anime churn our a female protagonist that can look happy while crying where my immediate reaction is not scoffing at her foolish naivety. That may also be because the romance in this series is kept subtle and minimal without being completely lost in the backdrop.

I wonder if Naruto paid for that product placement...
The second arc followed Taichi, who has probably undergone the most on screen character development. Since the understanding of Karuta is developed via Chihaya who has a relatively simple, optimistic personality, Taichi fills the necessity for the deep, somewhat dark character thus far. His personality goes through the final stages of a turning point in this episode, which should indicate a more positive Taichi herein. Of course, with the reintroduction of Arata, I surmise the love triangle with fill the drama void of the pessimistic brooding Taichi of yesterepisodes.

The final arc is transitional; it sets the stage for the third (or fourth, depending on how you count them) arc of the series. There is nothing worth summarizing but for reiterating that Arata is back in the game and therefore the series. Considering this is already episode 15, I look forward to seeing how they bring this series to fruition without a rushed ending.