Un-Go - 9 - Suspect Kaisho?

I know this has nothing to do with the episode, but it's nice to see the Novelist get some punishment from Inga. 

Kaisho mystery! I have been waiting for an episode like this ever since I started to dislike Kaisho a few episodes in. After last week's magic heavy method of setting up mysteries, this week's episode is my favorite so far in the sense of the mystery. Although there was a lot of information to dive into, it was awesome and well tied into the mystery.

Izumi could easily bust him for his involvement in the Yonagahime song distribution.
First off, Izumi confronts with the hacker guy from the idol pop song episode, sharing some info on a group of hackers called "Full Circle", who have been exposing Kaisho's personal and professional information. It was nice seeing some of the side characters from the other mysteries re-surface to aid Izumi and Kaito. This Full Circle group seems to oppose Kaisho and have been attacking his JJ Systems company, which is apparently a major establishment in restoring internet and phone technology from the war. 

How funny, yet how sad since it actually happened.
Kaisho is about to have a live discussion with some top business men about some energy issues, however, just before the meeting, Full Circle makes some deadly public predictions. Full Circle leads us into the mystery by proclaiming that Kaisho will eliminate these top business men, as they all oppose Kaisho in some way. I took this as a light joke, thinking theses hackers are just trying to spark some fear and panic. Just as the live discussion goes to commercials, Kaisho leaves the room for a phone call from home. The other business men joke about Kaisho going to plot their demise, then the building explodes. I was very shocked, I really did not expect the building to explode, and while some of you right now are thinking, "way to go Djr7, you just spoiled the damn show!", this only leads up to the real mysteries. 

Clearly there's something deeper going on with Inga acting so strange.
This was probably the best intro to a mystery yet. We have Inga appearing somewhat afraid of something in the beginning of the episode, followed by a strange prediction by a hacker group, and then the possible involvement of Kaisho on a sudden bombing attack. 
Is this the real Kaisho?
The mystery only deepens when Kaisho suddenly appears at home, when he should have been at the television studio. He rushes off by saying he was only appearing on the studio via webcam. I don't know how many flags were risen here, first off the two Kaisho's contradict not only each other, but everything involving their presence. 

The studio Kaisho who ends up hospitalized, said he arrived via train, however his personal private security said they escorted Kaisho to the vicinity for the live debate. This Kaisho also said he had a call from home before leaving the bombing area, however there was no apparent call from home. The other Kaisho, who appeared suddenly at home, said he was going to go and check out the scene, but we never see from this Kaisho again. 

Bettenou and Inga, what an awesome camera angle! 
The only possible predicament is that Bettenou is involved and caused everyone to hallucinate Kaisho's appearance at the T.V. studio. Bettenou is apparently working with Kaisho, and he is using her tricks to conceal himself, but for what purpose, what does Kaisho hope to gain from all of this? It was also strange to see Inga acting so out of character, he had a run in with Bettenou, and we even saw that someone was there with Bettenou. Another concern is what exactly caused the explosion, rumors of a microwave blast is said to be what caused it, but I remain skeptical.

Shinjurou believes Kaisho is behind this. Shinjurou plans on setting up some sort of meeting where he will be using a synthesized voice in place of the real thing to corner Kaisho and use the synthesized voice to trick Bettenou somehow. I don't really know what Shinjurou is planning, or what is going to happen, I can only wait in excitement to see how this will turn out.