Penguindrum 22 - Double H!

First off, super delayed posts are Maneki's fault. She introduced me to a new game I can't stop playing D: So, I been waiting so long for Double H to make their real debut in this show, it only took 22 episodes. Too bad their scene was so short, I hope their debut is the mark of some meaningful impact on the story, I think I am hopping for too much though. They were lucky enough to get screen time at all. I should be happy that even happened. It was an intriguing episode as always.

Kanba  is clearly being put out as the big bad enemy now, didn't see that coming at the start of the anime. At least this anime is back on the path of greatness. We can clearly see Himari trying her hardiest to stop Kanba, you can always tell with the penguins displaying what the penguins truly want. Kanba is deadset on carrying on his parents will, Himari was just an excuse.

We already knew she was the sister, but we finally get a thorough explanation to their relationship. I kinda feel bad for now, she was left in the dark the whole time. I guess she wasn't as crazy stalker she looked like at the start, just a normal stalker. On that note, all the super stalkers turned normal mode pretty fast, it makes me sad.

The episode ended on an epic note at least. This show can only end in tragedy at this point. The brother has set himself up as the clear villain, with Shouma setup as the savior. The amount of deaths that will occur before this series ends will be astounding. I guess not that much to talk about this episode, or more likely I just forgot from such a long gap since I watched D: