Guilty Crown 09 - Hare Death Flag Raised

I wonder who she is kniting that for?

This episode turned out unexpectedly good. Much better then the previous few episodes but I think it is just a fluke. They happened to appeal to my tastes I guess. It was just nice to see the main character not absolutely useless all episode. I still think it is a fluke, he will go back to an idiot once Gai is back in the picture. Even without Gai, he will manage to act like an idiot when Inori returns.

When this episode started I actually thought the writers would give Hare a chance. She is as good as dead if she doesn't even get her chance to reach the mall. They usually let a character provide a bit of fanservice before killing them off, how cruel a fate. I wonder if she will even make it to the halfway point of this show? I kinda liked her too.

Fuck that scene was awesome. Talk about being an awesome villain. He has got everything, smarts and sensibility, something usually lacking in characters in general. He knows how to follow orders to get what he really wants. Nothing like a character actually using his brain for once. I don't even think I seen sensibility like that in anime before; Probably one of the best scenes this season, along with Beserker's debut in Fate/Zero.

WTF, I didn't know that was possible to block that attack after they person was already glowing; What hax. I still don't think he should have helped him after he back stabbed him like that. Regardless of the reason, it doesn't justify it. Just like he picked his brother over Shoe, what is to say he won't be forced in the same position again and betray him? An eye for eye, he made his choice, he should never expected help nor should Shoe have helped.

What crazy foreshadowing!!! So basically Gai is infected which is why he can see voids. I guess that is why he constantly infusing his blood to reduce the amount of the virus in his system. I guess it will be revealed later that he is dying and Shoe will take over as leader of the rebellion.

Well I call it karma. Shoe was sacrificed for him, only fair he gets take his life. If he wasn't lucky, he would have been dead because of it. Hare is in too deep though, she is clearly a dead man walking. A character with zero screen time suddenly learning everything can only mean bad things. It made for quite a good episode though, I doubt it will lead to anything, just a lucky shot with the more consistent crap every other episode was. I guess we will see next week.