Un-Go - 11 - Finale

Honestly I was blown away by the final episode of Un-Go. The episode had just about everything I expected, and more. We had Shinjurou and Kaisho's ideals revealed, Shinjurou solving the case, a surprising villain, and an epic battle involving Inga.

The focus of the episode was centered around the party invitation from the deceased Kaisho. Almost everyone who had a name and screen time over the past few episodes showed up in what was to draw out the truth behind all the mysteries. Once everyone had taken their seats I was surprised to see the table flip over and reveal some weapons, pending a possible battle royal between the participants.

Shinjurou admits his deductions were wrong, he initially thought the real Kaisho was at home during the bombing, while an impostor with the use of Bettenou's powers showed up at the T.V studio. It turns out Shinjurou was cleverly tricked, as the real Kaisho was in fact at the studio while the mastermind appeared at home. It was necessary for the mastermind to appear at home to re-enforce Shinjurou's suspicion of Kaisho's involvement.

With the discovery of the true Kaisho, Shinjurou points out the problem with how Kaisho arrived at the studio. He arrived either via train or by his security. Mizuno who was the head of the security force said he drove him but he was lying, and ends up being a member of Full Circle who wanted Kaisho ousted. Mizuno had access to Kaisho's personal files and even stole a missile to shoot the studio, causing the explosion. Shinjurou also points out Kuramitsu's involvement, which was kinda obvious, since she leaked information about the microwave satellite and brought in a manipulated Inga. The handkerchief Shinjurou gave her ended up in Inga's possession, in order for that to happen, Kuramitsu must have been at the same location where Inga was taken, the same location where Bettenou and the real mastermind were.

Shinjurou was on a roll, but before he could continue, gunshots are heard and a frantic Hayami chases into the darkness only to fall into some sort of black hole. Kaisho emerges and everyone is surprised to see him, I was even more surprised to see Inga appear at Kaisho's command and attempt to force a truth out of Shinjurou, but this is where things start to backfire for this Kaisho. As it turns out Inga has already asked a question of Shinjurou, and Shinjurou finally explains the cause of Inga's manipulation. Bettenou told Inga that she was a god, and Inga cannot resist a god, therefore Inga is under Bettenou's command. Shinjurou goes on to explain that this Kaisho is actually Hayami, and he appeared to fall down the hole and appear as Kaisho by Bettenou's powers. I did not see Hayami as the mastermind behind this, were talking about a guy who arrested a fridge fro crying out loud. I think this was the first time the suspect was someone no one anticipated and was very surprising. The real Kaisho appears alive and well, helping Shinjurou expose Hayami, faking his own death to help solve the case.

All of the sudden an epic battle between Inga and Bettenou starts. Holy sh!t was I ever thrilled to see some action from this show, I was very happy with this random battle as Inga devours Bettenou's soul.

In the end Hayami and Kuramitsu wanted to crush Kaisho to take the lead of energy control of the country. We learn that JJ Systems was actually creating solar thermal energy which is to send energy all over the planet via microwave satellites, instead of solar energy. Kuramitsu followed ridiculous conspiracy theories to  end up wanting to take down Kaisho, while Hayami wanted Koyama to look up to him as she did with Kaisho. 

Kaisho ended up back to where we started, he is still an opposing force to Shinjurou with their contrasting ideals. Kaisho ended up taking several precautions to ensure that Shinjuou would expose Hayami, he even had Mizuno killed. Shinujurou might not agree with Kaisho's methods, but the two seem to enjoy their unique rivalry of each other. I think the ending was very well done to keep Shinjurou and Kaisho from having any change of behavior, they are the same characters we learned to enjoy from the beginning of the season.

The post-mystery clip showed Shinjurou calling out Rie, opening up to her and sharing his past. He explains that he follows Inga because Inga has taken the body of a person who once saved Shinjurou, but later passed away. The ending scenes show the clean up and construction of this post-war torn Japan steadily healing.

Will there be another season? I would love one, but there is a movie out that is a prequel to this season but no subs as of yet.

-soon to come, review and thoughts on the show