Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 11 - Elena Strikes Back

We finish up our Elena arc as she once again takes to the stage to test Kaito and co. I really like Elena's character, but I think I've had enough of her. The one thing about Phi Brain is that there is not a lot of strong elements that make me want to watch the show every week. Phi Brain has a good overall appeal but there is no single aspect of the show that really grabs my attention, and the only thing going for it now is the sure to be, unveiling of the final god puzzle, and some more screen time for Rook.

Good pep talk there herbert
With that being said, we have another heavy Elena episode, however this time we focus upon her gradual change to side with Kaito, while the evil mastermind Herbert, I'll give u all a second to once again laugh at his evil name. OK, the evil mastermind Herbert tries to push Elena into using more extreme methods into bringing down Kaito and prevent him from completing her newest puzzle.

Poor Elena
Flashbacks were used to show us more into Elena's past, and it's one that I think a lot of people can relate to. She had one of those parents that wanted their child to be a smash hit, being popular and able to make money. She was apparently unskilled at everything and looked down upon by her mother, until she found her true talent in puzzles, thus, receiving praise and affection from her parents. I guess this was the episodes only thing going for it, Kaito and the gang had a very dumb puzzle to solve while dodging flying grenade things in the process.

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I was very happy to see Herbert go in the end, he really was not the best villain, in fact, he flat out sucked. Herbert was unable to produce any half decent puzzles as the so called Head of Japan Branch for the POG. I can't tell you how happy I am to see Rook back in the mix, he is still very much a mystery, as we don't know anything about him other than his past with Kaito. Rook's one big time play was his ability to exploit Kaito's mental state with a puzzle involving Kaito's painful memory of his parents death, showing how a true antagonist should act.

Rook returns, with more authority.