Fate/Zero 13 - Clifhanger end...

What a TERRIBLE way to end the first season. I can see what they are trying to do, but this was just terrible. A horrible end for such a good anime so far. They should have kept it running as a great anime then to sell out like this. I should have saw this crap coming with that ridiculous Rin episode. Damn the way they ended this season makes me angry.

This whole conversation was the definition of great writing. I loved how well they portrayed their "different" viewpoint. To see them be able to connect on such a twisted viewpoint was just amazing. In my opinion, his crazy viewpoint on how god sees them is no different any other crazy viewpoint about god being this or that. All insane to believe in a being without any proof.

Who wouldn't want to game with Rider? Other then being worried he would crush all the controllers, I think it would be awesome! I felt his explanation of why they make a good partner weak though. In the end, he is here to win and the weak mage is holding him back. Their personalities are even extremely bipolar. The only real reason I would accept would be his opportunity to lead his master into seeing the bigger picture. A chance to teach a son that he never had.

Then we reach the finale of servants teaming up to fight caster. Is caster really that powerful you need multiple servants to beat him? All the scenes themselves are great, but it was clearly holding back on action to have a cliffhanger ending. I hate how they had to force this just to make sure people watch season two. Would people really leave after seeing caster die? Probably not. Resorting to such petty tricks just cheapens this anime. I am greatly disappointing in the directing of this ending for this series.