Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 10 - The Queen has Arrived

So awesome.
This was a great episode which introduced us to a new character, we also get to see a heavy Gammon presence throughout the episode. Gammon was in much need of screen time after Nonoha and Anna were taking the spotlight next to Kaito. The best thing about the episode was the relationships between Gammon and Elena, as well as a good lesson on friendship.

Elena's introduction was awesome, she displays her high and mighty superiority above a struggling Takeda on her puzzle game show. Forcing Takeda to beg on his knees for a hint to her puzzle, she quickly laughs at him without giving him any helpful hints. I couldn't have asked for a better intro, not only did it reveal Elena's character, but we also get some much needed info on the puzzle as it directly relates to her Sage Puzzle she has in store for later. Elena was portrayed very well, with her personal issues of not knowing what friendship is after  living a life of the rich and famous all alone.

Kaito's love for her puzzles sparked some more obvious jealousy from Nonoha, I really can't wait to see how their relationship will end up, if it even goes anywhere
Gammon acting all BOSS like with his "rescuing" of Elena
Gammon had plenty of awesome screen time, showing a different side to him than normal. We usually see Gammon acting cocky while joking about without much depth into his emotions or character. This episode was a great showcase for Gammon to reveal how he actually cares for his friends, and we see the comparison between him and Elena which brings out Gammon's soft side for his friendship with Kaito and Nonoha. I was actually surprised with how Elena might seem to care for Gammon, as she was shocked to learn that he was one of her targets, as well as she tried to stop her deadly puzzle to save them.

The whole "friendship" thing is usually done as a big cliche, but the way it was introduced, explored, and finalized within the awesome test of the Sage puzzle really kept me on edge. I don't know if what I just said makes any sense, but I felt that the episode really drove the point home that trust and believing in each other can pay off in the end.

An awesome display of sacrificing your friends for your own survival in this test.
The puzzle was well explained (imo) in the beginning and end of the episode to help us grip what it meant for Nonoha and Gammon to be restrictions towards Kaito's ability to solve of the Sage Puzzle. Kaito, Gammon, and Nonoha could have easily sacrificed each other in order to escape, but they remained true to their friendship and believed in each other to make it through the rather thrilling puzzle.

I was very happy with  this episode, and it was definitely one of the best we've seen in a while. I am looking forward to next week where we continue our battle with Elena, I really hope she joins Kaito's group in the end.