Kyousougiga OVA - What Did I Just Watch?

Other then the obvious terrible video quality of being a webrip, it wasn't too bad. For a show that was trying to have a very large visual appeal, it stuns me to allow it to run as web only, that only serves to kills the quality of the video. It kind of defeats the purpose of the anime, much like trying to sell the best ice in the world to penguins. Getting past the cancerous web quality, it wasn't too bad.

Anyone else think biscuit hammer the second you saw her running around with her hammer smashing things up? I guess hammer just isn't a common weapon main weapon, a bit too blunt and unkool usually. They definitely opened up strong with explosions everywhere; Flashy colours! It was really just great eye candy throughout this episode.

For those confused about story as I was, here is the breakdown. A girl and her siblings find themselves trapped in an unknown land. The girl is there because she was prophesied to be the black rabbit (the girl at the end). They just want to go home, so they work with the crazy tech lab and those 3 "bosses" at the end of the episode. She is told to find the "rabbit" to take them home. The 3 "bosses" think she is the rabbit and hoping she will awaken. In the end, they attempt to kill her in hopes the black rabbit will awaken and save her before she dies; They got lucky as the real black rabbit comes to save her.

The final battle made for more great stuff if the quality wasn't a webrip. I just feel they lost so much being web, low quality at that. They could have at least streamed at 1080p. With the story explained, we finally meet the black rabbit which saves our heroine. The tech lab guys called the black rabbit a virus that infiltrated the system though, I wonder what that means?

I would have loved to see a few more episodes of this if they keep the high quality animation and  actually stream a better quality out. Just the quality of the story and animation would have made for a great anime. I wonder why they left it as just a web screening? It is such a waste. Regardless, it was definitely a good watch if you can see past the low quality of the web rip. I remember now why I stopped streaming anime.