Mashiro-Iro Symphony 10 - Sana's Pain

Well, I think it is finally confirmed who the winner is. I can't say I am not happy about this. It is pretty rare for the girl I like to get picked. You can't help but feel bad for Sana's useless struggle though. I actually want OVAs for the other routes now. This turned out much better then I originally expected when I started. It is rare for these VNs to be adapted well.

This was highly unexpected. A main character that actually knew what he wanted and went for the girl. It usually ends up being wishy-washy and they take their sweet time. He even was smart enough to go for the right girl, that just added to this main character's prowess. It was definitely enjoyable to see this for a change.  I mean, how could you say no to her awesome cosplay?

The real star of the episode was Airi though. She saw the ending coming and prepared her heart for it. Even went as far as try and help prepare her rival that she knew had lost too. Definitely the most well rounded character by the end of the show, even if she started out as a terrible tsundere. Another girl I wouldn't mind seeing her route for.

I couldn't help but shed a tear for her. She tried so hard in her own way, hard to beat Miu though. If she didn't want to be ignored, she shouldn't have done that about face halfway through the season. She was doing fine until that point. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing her arc after seeing her so sad. I want her to have a happy end too!

Still two more episodes to go, I guess the last thing to tackle is probably some other problem Miu has, health  related is my guess. Seems like not everything is wrapped up yet, the final punch to bring Miu and the main character closer. I am still astounded they picked Miu, they got me good thinking Airi was the obvious girl for the first half of the series; 10/10 trolling D: