Mashiro-Iro Symphony 12 - Mascot Characters need arcs too!

We finally have our finale for Mashiro. It has been a decent run, much better then I anticipated at least. A finale for a character that has had an abundance of screentime with no real focus. I don't think I seen another anime where they focused in on their mascot character before.

We had our obligatory lovey-dovey screentime with our main character and Miu. The real story being focused on the mascot and Miu being forced to give up a pet. I can't say I know this feeling since I never had a pet, but it was still quite sad. Why would you make a sad finale? Wasn't this suppose to be super happy mode again with Sana finally accepting her lose?

This was probably the most sad scene. I was watching this on the train and I had to turn away as I teared up a bit. I guess the question is, after such a long time, how did they only notice now? Shouldn't the first person to be chased around be Miu? Those "friends" barely had any real exposure to Panya. Damn those plot holes!

This scene I found very well done. The mother clearly displaying her awesome parenting skills. From helping push her daughter in the right direction with her boyfriend yet not letting go all the way, to helping her with her tackle the tough problems. Finding parents in anime is already difficult, finding a good parent is a first for me. How many anime related problems could be solved if the parents weren't dead/on vacation/non existent.

Damn this swing set, they seriously need to find a better place to share their feelings. Sena has a place to live alone, why do they need to resort to squatting at a park? Regardless, that huge problem about the school merger was pretty simple to solve. They never even tackled why they wanted to turn down the merger. There didn't seem to be any downside to begin with.

The other girls gave up too easily. Also the sister never even got a real chance in this anime. I would still look  forward to OVAs featuring the other endings kind of like what Clannad did. Those OVAs were better then the series imo, especially the first one. It was a good season, especially since the best girl won. Add that with a main character that wasn't totally useless made things much better then originally anticipated.