Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 12: Toori x Horizon & 2nd season?

Ran late for this post cause I didn’t know I had important plans on the day I’m supposed to write this. Anyway, Second to the last episode (-.-“). Why’d they decide to heat things up in the last episodes.

Continuing with the battle between Futayo and Muneshige, I felt the first round they had in episode 10 ended quite abruptly, then again none for the fights in that episode felt like they flowed right. Now Futayo, remembering something from her past build up the courage to win. So yeah, she won. I really was expecting something different other than Futayo getting back up and winning. Guess I was expecting more explosions to happen with Muneshiges armament. But by the end of the episode I was still very much satisfied.

So Toori gets to Horizons “prison cell” and the episode becomes a controversial and deep episode, the series has always been that way, I know I’m used to it and I like it. It looks like Horizon, because she lost her emotions, has decided to think though things has her automaton self and rejects the rescue of Toori. A good way to create a twisting plot and good story. Surprisingly enough, the director did a good job in this controversial episode.

Because of this, Toori gets into a debate trying to change that way Horizon thinks and declares that he will take over the world and take all the sin armaments. Now personally I like the idea of him trying to take the world, but what kind of king will he end up becoming? I find quite hard to see him as a king considering his character type. I think of it this way, Kings are supported by his underlings but in this case it is Toori, the leader, who supports his friends and brings out the best in them, he also trusts them completely even if it ends up making him look like a fool. This is what makes his friends look up to him as a leader. His ways are different but if you see it through a different angle then he is quite the leader.

Now most of the episode goes on with Toori and Horizon trying to convince ones opinion on the other. The words used at the beginning of the debate were thankfully not deep and easy to understand. I wished they could’ve done the same with explaining the other stuff. But I had to re watched the final parts of the episode to fully understand it. Guess that’s mostly my bad since I can only suck up and process so much information at once. But I got it. It’s quite hard to understand a long conversation if they mostly substitute their words and play with them to imply a deeper meaning. Got to read between the lines I guess.

Ribbon scene was unexpected...

Conclusion: We all must know by now the series is not a battle series and relies more on speech wars. And I like it! And thankfully this time the director did a good job of laying out how things would go so we would understand it.

Seeing the preview clips we see Motonubu Matsudaira on his phone and waves at the camera!? Spoiler much? This is either a flash back scene or he is actually a live. Now that would really suck unless there is some deeper plot behind it.

I heard these guys are the 8 Great Dragon Kings from some forums

Also, we see silhouettes of more characters!? For real?  That’s the last episode and they introduce new guys? Now that clearly implies a longer story. Pearz did mention that the Horizon series is doing quite well in Japan which might mean another series.

If you can read Japanese, please translate this~

So I did some research but there wasn’t much. There was only one very convincing forum topic up in MyAnimeList. Posted by “dtshyk”, he/she says that Horizon was, from the very beginning, a 2 season series. Just not back to back and the 2nd season should be aired on April 2012. This information was taken from an Animedia magazine (above pic) but in the e-Animedia official website the 2nd season is yet to be confirmed. So please, 2nd season FTW!

I just hope they end this season properly without hard cliffhangers even if its a prelude to a 2nd season...