Guilty Crown 11 - Undertakers 2.0, Now under new Management!

Another intense episode. It didn't make it awesome though, just how intense I was laughing throughout this whole episode. It was just laughs all around as we watched Shoe creating his own crime fighting squad and Gai's posse all alive "waiting" for Shoe to show up. I just found this episode a riot with their crazy drops of intense moments. As Bakuman has taught me, you can't beat serious humour!

I love how everyone was blaming Shoe for not being there. It is not like he ditched the mission midway. They went into it clearly knowing they were missing a Shoe, their failure is nothing but their own. I just find it funny how useless they were without having imba powers on their side. It is like they forgot how to operate anymore, easily being outsmarted by Scarface; Best villain ever.

This was just absolutely hilarious watching him setup his own team. He is rescuing "terrorists" and all these people just come along with him. I just found this scene so ridiculous at how they would follow such a useless leader. Nothing like forming your own faction so you can be the boss!

Then you got ridiculous shit like this. Fixing the bridge instantly? Who needs any other void when you got super powers like that? This whole ride was to display how overpowered his skill is. Just assemble a group of "tools" and away he goes. Other people bring a gun as equipment, he brings friends to sacrifice! Remind me again how such an un-charisma person was able to rally them to be used like this?

Finally we get her super powerful healing music that instantly saves everyone. Is this the explanation why Gai was able to last so long? Regardless, she could have saved many more people with that skill. Isn't she suppose to be one of the righteous ones and saved others that were infected? She has been kidnapped now anyways. Thus Mario will soon have to embark on his quest to save Princess Peach. Oh ya, Gai "died" too. Remember how he "died" last time when the whole base got nuked? I expect no less from him again this time.