Mashiro-Iro Symphony 11 - Life After a Harem

Well, a very boring episode for the second last episode of the season. Everything has already been wrapped up with this episode, why do they need another episode? The only real purpose of this episode was to watch Sana suffer more. I enjoy watching her suffer as much the next person, but it feels dragged on at this point. This is what happens when the harem ends and the story continues, wow it sucks.

Airi is still trying hard to protect Sana, even though there is nothing to protect anymore. It is clear that she is dealing with her own pain by trying to help Sana. She is hopping by showing Sana the way, she will see the way to save herself. Funny as the make fun of how she will never find love near the end of the episode.

Second best moment this episode was getting the mother back into the mix of things, as short has her appearances were. She is really trying hard to steal her own daughter's boyfriend; What a cougar. She brought a bit of humour to an otherwise boring episode with tons of Sana time.

They are really playing Sana up, an OVA for her alternate ending would probably sell tons after having her lose so much in the series. At least she is better then Airi, she kept at it rather then give up and stalk them in the shadows. She was even brave enough to try and confess, definitely turned out to be a great character. It must be painful pretending like she doesn't love the main character while constantly hanging out with him; Being Sana is suffering.

This part was just ridiculous. All the failed girls decided to meet up to discuss how they failed their harem quest. I guess it is better then wallowing alone. I realize that the sister got zero screen time after the first episode ended. I guess with all the suffering Sana was doing, she didn't have a chance to squeeze in. Their is usually a flashback episode of how they became close siblings not related by blood!

Well this main character displayed his prowess from start to finish. Even by the end he when straight for the butt. He was definitely a much better harem leader then all those other indecisive ones you always see.  With things pretty much fully wrapped up, I feel this is pretty dragged out. The only thing left is to have a baby that kills the mother on birth with a genetic disease that will take her life soon after. The only fate of harems after a girl is chosen.