Penguindrum 23 - The Brother's Feud

They sure revved up the final episode next week. I am looking forward to see how this unwinds as all the mysteries around the characters have finally come to light, other then the brothers. This was one of the better series to follow this season with twists and turns throughout, even if I did not agree with a few. I guess they try to have the realism in this, but dabble in magic everywhere that throws everything off.

So his sister somehow survived through all that? The question is how is she still alive, I mean she is good, but not that good. Kanba sure is good at following orders though, he has been at the doctor's whim knowing that he probably won't save Himari. Kanba's drive to follow through on their parent's will will probably be revealed next episode, he was always the level headed one that saw the bigger picture; There must be another driving force behind him.

I hate what they have done with Ringo. She turned for badass stalker to useless character that does nothing but fail now. Seriously, it isn't hard to stop the book from burning. She let the book burn if anything, I guess the writers wanted it gone badly. I am sure her stalker ways will reappear by the end by remembering what was written and learning how to change fates without the book. What a sad fate that has befallen Ringo.

So they even announced that they will end their brotherly feud next episode. I am sure it will be much more deeply rooted with why Kanba keeps trying to blow up everything. Apparently they will both find the Penguindrum on that train, I can only assume it is something rooted within themselves. If I had to guess, the penguins were always a reflection of how they really felt, so the Penguindrum probably grants their true desire. Just my speculation, that would save Himari and create the happy end we all yearn for.

It has definitely been a nice run if you forget about that shitty teacher going crazy arc. Knowing Momo was always the hat makes me love Momo now. I don't see how they can stop the plan now that it has already been set into motion; The bombs are already placed. Hopefully my guess is right and we get a happy end instead of a massacre.