Guilty Crown 10 - The Plot Thickens!

This episode finally kicked this show in gear, it only took half a season. Finally a week where I don't need to drop this show! They accelerated the plot at super high speeds with developments on almost every main plot aspect at once. I think this finally showing some promise. This episode was subbed pretty quickly too, much earlier then usual.

I think Gai is lying to be honest. It seems more like Gai playing his cards to shoot down this girl. He doesn't seem like the type to do all this for a girl nor, has their been any indication about it. If I had to guess about his real ambitions, it probably be something linked to his past and he wants revenge. He is always scowling enough to seems like the revenge type person.

So our hero is forced to run away because he failed once. At least the main character is consistent on how much of a failure he is. I just find it funny how hard failure hit him. I am sure failure is not something new to him, why is he suddenly so broken up about it now? He should love pulling voids out, he has been pulling them out randomly for fun. *insert the giant refridgerator*

He wishes he could be Gai, heck, everyone would. When every single girl that meets Gai falls for him, I think he is doing something right. Add on the fact that he has insane amount of charisma stat to lead an army, he has everything. That reminds me, wasn't their a character that fit that exact profile in Code Geass, perfect everything but was about to die?

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I can't beleive this is happening. She gets her music gift slapped out of her hand and suddenly she likes him? I guess she is into S&M. This was by far the most random moment ever. She is clearly closer to Gai and he means much more to her. Suddenly she likes a some guy that can do nothing but fail? This only serves to make me hate Inori more.

So the mother finally learns that she fails as a parent.; Like mother like child, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Her child is part of the resistance looking to kill her boss, what a dilemma she has been put in. I am 100% sure this confrontation will occur now. If I had to guess, it would be her forced to operate or such on Shu when he is captured. That is where she will refuse and free him instead and run off together.

I can't believe Hare rejected Shu, I knew I liked her. That ridiculous amount of screen time she has gotten means she is dead. I am sure that crazy song killing everyone will kill her in front of his eyes. The push he needs to finally go back into a vengeance mode and back into the fray. Such is the fate of a mediocre character with a crush on the main character that will never bear fruit.

Finally, we reach the cliff hanger ending with the mass genocide. We finally have a new main villain, or should I say the first one? The purple hair guy always seemed more like a rival then a villain, much like Spinzaku. I am finally looking forward to what happens next. I will laugh when Gai and the crew all survive somehow when we saw people die instantly even in this episode. The virus is extra potent on background characters!