Mirai Nikki Ep09 - Unexpected Ending

Therefore she must die? YES! I can only imagine how messed up it would be if Yuno and Yukkii married.
Well I was pretty impressed and could not have guessed what happened in this episode. I couldn't count how many times I was kept guessing as to what could happen. I was mainly shocked to find out that Akise isn't even a diary holder, further propelling him towards awesomeness. I suppose it would be a bit too similar to have Kurusu and Akise as detective/investigator diary holders. We learn the true intentions of Hinata, as she only wishes to have her father back and start a new life together. Akise had found out about Hinata's father, who is a diary holder bent on eliminating possible diary holders. All by himself without any obvious help, he discovered future diaries, and in doing so, became an inconvenience for Hinata in reuniting with her father.

The crazy luck this Akise has is pretty unbelievable, he managed to guess three times in a row which hand the coin was in during the standoff with Yukkii's diary in jeopardy from Hinata's clutches. OK, I guess it's not really that hard to guess three times correct in a row, but it was still pretty awesome how Akise remains cool and calm with dealing with Hinata.

Who would have thought this would be the turn out.
I was very surprised to see no one die, well no one important anyways. The old man ends up biting the bullet in the end, but I didn't really care since he didn't get as much screen time as the others, and ended up saying how he never cared for his daughter, the scum. The last two episodes were a pretty good info episodes on Yuuki and his inability to have friends. All Yukkii wants is to survive the game and end up with friends, he wants to avoid going back to his situation before the "game" started, being alone as a bystander.

Yuno gets trolled by Akise, saying he might have interests in Yukkii.
It was pleasing to see everyone survive, and even more awesome when Yukkii has one of his golden moments of saving everyone by proclaiming his acceptance of Yuno as his girlfriend. Yukkii has no intention of becoming involved with Yuno at this stage, but he had to do it, in order to save his new friends from the jealous and  psychotic Yuno. With more allies on his side, I really love how the show is shaping with Yukkii and Yuno's character progression.

It was a very well done episode that had me guessing so many times. I still can't believe the 5 of them ended up not only alive, but remained Yukkii's friend. At least I got my wish with seeing more of these characters, but it also means a potential slice of life-ish, Yuno crazy lovey dovey scenes. I can bet that the next episode will most likely revolve around Yukkii dealing with a love struck Yuno, more than usual.