Mirai Nikki Ep10-11 - An Epic Turn of Events

Forgive the super late postings, I'll start with last week's episode briefly.
Episode 10 was our usual toned down plot/relationship development episode where we learned a bit more behind Uryuu's past, which really didn't reveal much. Uryuu has had the most amount of screen time of the other diary holders, even more so than Kurusu. I still demand that twelfth be revived and get more screen time, since he is my favorite of the other diary holders.

Murumuru really doesn't stand up as much of a character with how unimportant she seems.
All the real action was shown in the beginning of episode 10 with Uryuu's past encounter with Third. Murumuru was narrating the scene between Uryuu and the detective as if it were some romance, however there was no way to tell what the two were actually saying since I can only read Murumuru's narration. I never knew that Third's coat was bullet-proof and explosive-proof, where do you buy a coat like that anyway?

Yukkii and Yuno gave us a bit of humor as they attend some sort of practice wedding event. We get to see into some more serious thoughts from Yukkii, as he ponders how he should deal with Yuno. Yukkii clearly shows how he wants to have a relationship with Yuno, but has his doubts since finding bodies in your stalker's house is kind of a turn-off.

I'd rather know what the corpses are, rather than where they were re-located. 
It was pretty obvious that Akise would do some snooping around, but he was quite clever to trick Yuno and Yukkii to be busy for the day, as he searches Yuno's residence. It was a bit of a confusing end where Yuno suddenly forgets about the bodies and thinks this is the first time that Yukkii has been at Yuno's house.

Episode 11 was amazing, but before I dive into it, I want to continue my train of thought on Yuno and her behaviour.

Kurusu is able to uncover his advantage through Yuno's weakness.
It's become pretty clear how Yuno has a mental issue whenever she isn't around Yukkii. Yukkii has become Yuno's anchor to sanity, but when Yukkii is in danger, or not around, Yuno goes berserk, slaying people and causing harm to anything in her path. I always thought Yuno was just a bad-ass psycho, but the explanation from Fourth describes it as more of a weakness than a strength, as he is able to use Yuno's berserk behavior to gain the upper hand. This is the first time that Yukkii is the string one with Yuno being the weakness that Kurusu needs to exploit.
Having Future Diaries takes the fun out of it though.
After episode 10's ending with Fourth arresting Yuno and Yukkii for the slaying of Tenth, the couple are brought in only to be blindsided by Fourth's brilliant plan. Fourth has lately been a character lurking in the shadows, playing his cards behind the curtains with his alliance with Uryuu. Fourth manages to instigate Yuno to shooting him, creating an investigation for his "Investigative Diary" to gain the advantage for capturing the two, now that they are wanted criminals. This brilliant plan made me pause and dissect how long it took Kurusu to work his magic. I have found a new respect for Kurusu, not only does he wish for Fourth to become the "winner" in order to save his son, but he was able to use tenth's death to lure in Yuno in order to have complete freedom from the law to take her and Yukkii down.

This scene was super awesome, Yukkii had to decide what was necessary to survive. His big decision comes from either accepting Uryuu's idea of taking Kurusu's son and wife as hostages, or face certain death from their Dead End flags from Kurusu. What makes this scene so awesome is that Yukkii has to decide right in front of the child and wife, he is also staving and will be too weak to go on if he rejects Uryuu and her doughnuts. It's time for Yukkie to grow up and face the harsh reality that the game has put him in.

I'm surprised Yukkii isn't bothered with how Uryuu has positioned herself on his head.
This was probably the wildest episode yet with how things turned out, I was very happy with Uryuu's plan to switch teams after Yukkii activated a bomb to force Uryuu into a tight spot. It looks like this will have another season as next episode will end with Yukkii, Yuno, and Uryuu, making a stand against Kurusu who has activated the "New Future Alliance's" Dead End flags.