C Cube 11 - Final Battle Buildup

A bit of a delayed post because of final exams, but here it is. As the title may suggest, this episode was largely the set up for the end of the arc to finish the season off. As suspected, the episode began with a sit-down addressing Fear suspicions of Kuroe. Natually, she wasn't the killer. How can someone so cute possibly be the killer? In fact, she was just eating the hair to restore her power as well as eating them in her memory.

Alice showed up and amazingly splits them up and kidaps Haru, Kuroe, and Kirika. As expected of the head of the Bivorio Families, right? As I suspected last week, the thing that linked the murder victims was that they were both wearing crosses. However, it because they were wearing crosses that they went to Kuroe's shop. That is to say that they were both members of the Bivorio Families.

There's something I don't get about the Bivorio Families. They claim that they love them, and would do anything for them, which they showed by simply sacrificing themselves for Alice's plan to get Fear to go with them. Why don't they just let the Waas be, if they love them as much as they claim? Rather than doing anything for the Waas, it just seems much more like an uncontrolled demented obsession to me. Remember how she just changed her target from Kuroe to Fear so quickly? She doesn't care about them, she's just doing what's better to satisfy her obsession, not what is better for the Waas.

Two weeks ago, I said Kirika's decisions down the road would make it or break it for me. Her decision this episode solidifies her in the "make it" category. What it ultimately means is that she said enough was enough, and has chosen to be with Haruki, and pretty much cut ties with the Laboratory Kingdom. Good for her. I doubt that that Himura guy is dead though, and doubt even more so that the Lab Kingdom would take this sitting down. Kirika's brother is probably the primary antagonist if there are any future seasons (judging by the sales, the chances are slim to none).

So at the end of the episode, the final confrontation between harem members and the antagonist of the arc took place. This seems it will just boil down to a raw battle; no tricks or any shenanigans. More crazy Fear faces is definitely welcome though. The arc will end and we'll probably see the school festival during the final minutes during the finale.