Guilty Clown 08 - Beach Episode Time!

Nothing like watching a beach episode on a packed subway train! Guitly Crown is all about watching fanservice and Shoe being denser then a rock. I seriously wonder what they were trying to do with their "let us pretend this show is super deep" thing they been trying to push. Seriously, was that final line of this episode suppose to be cleverly hiding foreshadowing? Make it anymore blunt plox; Otherwise Shoe might not get it!

I feel bad for that random brown hair girl. She reminds me of the one from Dragon Crisis. Same random crush that will never bear fruit. Sure sucks to forever remain in the shadows, to be fair though, the girl she is competing with is a idol. Hard to beat that, especially if she already has a one up on you and living together. I still swear this girl will end up either dead, or paired with that other guy in this episode; The fate of all side characters.

I found Gai's speech HILARIOUS. He literally explained the exact tactic they used to get Shoe to join them.  Funny how he couldn't connect such obvious dots. Funny how Gai pretends to justify that it helps Shoe, that is the same as "everyone needs to experience everything once" idea; Btw not true, I don't want to ever know the feeling of losing a leg.

This scene also gave me endless laughs. Claims his buddy is doing exactly the same thing as him, then claims it won't work. Why do you troll yourself so hard? You can clearly see Inori is playing that guy like a fool, much like she does the exact same thing to him. It is just so funny how oblivious he is to everything going on around him.

Nothing really happens this episode, they explain some junk that makes no sense at this point. Nothing spectacular, just cute boys doing stupid things. Pretty obvious Shoe and Inori will end up together and create some super void, even more powerful then a gun that can shoot a satellite out of orbit! My favourite show rage on every week!