Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Ep 05 - 09

So let’s continue dissecting this series.


Episode 05

This episode’s a good one a lot of revelation, plot points, and an unexpected twist.  Also the explanations here are well laid out so I believe it’s easier to understand.

Fight scenes are still better than most and as good as some out there. So here we've got Tadakatsu Honda and Muneshige Tachibana on a duel to stop what seems to be a more epic version of a nuclear bomb.

Kazuno gets shot

The duel was good but what got me was Kazuno. She just calmly took a bullet and in the process got blown in half. Yeah, she's an automaton, but still it's got this shock effect. Also the way she died was quite sad. Either way, I liked her as a character.

Kazuno seems to be holding on to a soul in the form of a pearl, which belongs to Tadakatsu Hondas wife. And that soul seems to have an effect on Kazuno as an automaton.


Need to know: The leader of Mikawa, Motonobu Matsudaira, wants to destroy the city and reveals why. As I've explained in the previous post, Testament union stopped revealing what is to happen next in history and that caused rumors of an apocalypse. Now Motonobu says that the Deadly Sin Armaments may prevent that coming apocalypse. Also Motonobu is the one who created the armaments. As to why he needed to kill himself and have Tadakatsu Honda and Kazuno die with him? I have no idea; I can only guess he used their deaths as a catalyst for the world to decide what it wants to do.

And the last but not the least, Motonobu Matsudaira reveals that he is the one who got Horizon Airadust killed ten years ago so he could take her soul. He used her soul to create a 9th Deadly Sins Armament. Then fused it into who is now P-01s. So yes, P-01s is Horizon. Knowing that, Futayo Honda took custody of her. Of course our hero tries to stop them but fails.

Conclusion: Good Episode, things are picking up.

Episode 06

I'll go straight for the Need to know and Conclusion since I don't have much else to say in this episode.

Galileo to the left and beside him is Innocentius

Need to Know: A new faction is formally introduced, the K.P.A. Italia and their representative, Innocentius accompanied by Galileo. And this Innocentius guy openly says he will collect all Deadly Sin Armaments.

Heidi Augesvarer explaining the situation

Before Motonobu died, he revealed P-01s’ true identity. Jurisdiction over Mikawa and the Far East was passed down Horizon since she is a blood relative of Motonobu. However, Horizon is in the custody of Testament Union and they want her to commit suicide so they can have Jurisdiction over Mikawa and the Far East.

Musashi, as a faction on the other hand has no say in the matter. But our hero and his friends talk about how to save horizon and come up with a special meeting to decide what to do, officially.

Conclusion: I don't really know what to make of this episode. I guess it’s a good bridge to the rest of the story. And yes, there are other things that happened in this episode but those scenes hold up on their own and are well explained.

Episode 07

Now this entire episode is a team battle sort of thing and can get confusing. Soo I'll head straight for the important parts.

The students of the academy come up with a meeting to decide who Musashi will side with. In this battle, Masazumi Honda, Neito Mitotsudaira, and Naomasa decide to oppose Toori and the student body. Now Musashi will side with whoever wins the fight. If Masazumi Hondas team wins then Musashi will side with Testament Union but if the student body wins then Musashi will save Horizon.

Naomasato (left) vs Bertoni (right)

The first battle is a duel between Naomasa and Shirojiro Bertoni. Nothing much here.

The next battle however, is quite confusing. Neito Mitotsudaira doesn’t want Musashi to go to war so puts her reputation on the line so that if she loses then she loses her rank as well. And if she loses her rank then Musashi will lose her knights to fight a war. So Neito losing would be a bad thing. And so Suzu Mukai, her opponent, stopped her and surrendered. Now the score is 1 - 1.

Aoi Toori acting stupid till the very end...
The final battle is between Masazumi Honda and Toori toori. They're going to have debate type battle. Now Toori does some stupid stuff here that I don't need to explain to you guys since it’s quite apparent what idiocy he did. Though I like to think it’s part of his plan to win.

Also Innocentius of K.P.A. Italias and Muneshige and Gin Tachibana of Testament Union are watching the battle to see who Musashi sides with.

Conclusion: None, just watch the next episode, it's more interesting.

Episode 08

For the most part in this episode things go "blah~blah~blah" for those of you who are looking for an action packed event. It’s quite a turn off since from the beginning the entire series looked more like a battle anime. Yeah, another confusing episode.

Need to know: Okay, so the debate goes like this. Saving Horizon is a good thing politically, since if she is saved then Musashi would be seen as a sovereign nation. But Testament Union won't allow that. And war is inevitable.

Now Toori comes back with a question from Masazumis father. He asks why would having Horizon kill herself be wrong and Testament Union be unjust when she, as the leader of Mikawa and the Far East, must atone for her relatives sins. And does saving her make us just and right when she must atone for that sin? The sin that they speak of is Motobobu destroying the city of Mikawa, so it’s like children paying the dept of their deceased parents.

So Masazumi comes back saying Horizon should not be at all held responsible for the destruction of Mikawa because she isn't Motonobus legitimate child. And the responsibility for the incident was already taken by the one who caused it. Also, the people of Mikawa are now within Musashi so if the people of Mikawa are recognized as a nation then Mikawa wouldn't actually have been destroyed.

Then we got Innocentius popping out and butting in. He says that to be a leader there are things that must the sacrificed even if it's an innocent person. But really it's just his trap. Then Masazumi says that if that’s their belief then we will never come into agreement. But Innocentius says we all can come into an agreement.

So Masazumi, believing that they could come to an agreement through talks, begins to state her deal to come to an agreement. She wants to take Horizon into the protection as a student of the Academy of Musashi to balance the injustice of Testament Union.

Now apparently that was a trap too. Innocentius says that Horizon is not only the ninth deadly sin armament but is also the armament that controls all the other eight. Now this makes the people think that Masazumi is actually going to use Horizon to control the world. Now Toori cheers her up saying he will always believe her. Then Masazumi stands up and says something about Musashi taking Mikawa and being part of the Far East then freeing each region and forbidding conflict within them. Then Musashi will collect all of the deadly sin armaments to avert the apocalypse and if anyone would stop them or hold the armaments from them then they will be challenged by the students of Musashi and be dealt with.

Now Innocentius seems to not have any objections but gets Gelileo to attack them. So I guess he decided to just dispose of them then and there. Then Futayo Honda pops in and intervenes.
Conclusion: Confusing episode again. There are some holes in the debate and much more in the story, but I might be wrong since the subs might as well  not be very accurate at translating the real meaning of whatever it is they are saying. I'm guessing a lot of people don't like this episode but, I'll say otherwise. It's got its own charm you know...

Episode 09

Now THIS is an awesome episode IMO.

Look at him. he looks very... side character...

We got Yoshinao (a surprisingly an relevant character in the story) who is now King of Musashi telling Innocentius to back off cause he's gonna have his guard, Futayo Honda, challenge one of the students to finalize who will Musashi side with.


LOL when Tenzou was rejected to duel Futayo since he already lost character-wise.

Yeah, Kimi looks hawt in this episode IMO

Kimi Aoi is Futayos opponent. And in their fight it seems that Kimis dancing and singing is an offering to her deity to grant her the spells she uses against Futayo. This applies to some of the other characters as well. Cool idea, i guess...

So in flashback, wasn't Kimi abit too harsh to Toori or could she have used a different method to bring him back?

The dual ends with Kimis win (no duh!? that's a given considering her "awesomeness") and tells Futayo to serve only her lord, Horizon.

On to Yoshinao, he appoints Horizon and Toori his viceroys. And tells Innocentius to pass judgment on him at the next Testament Union Conference of representatives. So now musashi will have to hold out against Testament Union till that conference.

Epic, Dramatic ending in this episode!

Conclusion: The things that I didn't mention here were either irrelevant or just well explained already. AWESOME episode and hawt Kimi, nuff said!

And it was the poporing that said that....

Overall Conclusion:

If you haven’t already noticed, this anime is quite political and historical despite the short and awesome action scenes. But in this episode we won't be seeing any action, it's more about political stuff on the standing of Musashi and whether to save horizon or not.

As of late, Aoi Tooris roll has been more like a supporting character but I guess he's like the guy everyone looks up to and respects. Also did you guys notice the scar around Tooris left shoulder? What’s that.....

Rating: We got four more episodes to go. Yeah, I feel this anime has been slow and unclear but for some reason, I really like this series. I like it a lot more than a certain series that has a wimp as a lead character.