Penguindrum 21 - All Those Cans of Worms They Opened!

FFFFFFF Wtf did they just do to my Penguindrum? They are just pulling anything they want now from this anime. They didn't just feel like opening one can of worms this episode, they opened multiple ones just to totally throw you off. God, I have no idea what they are trying to do anymore! I think they just want to kill everyone off/unhappy ending this as bad as possible. Looking at the track record, every single character's lives is in misery and can't get the person they love. This is looking to be quite a grim ending.

So our first set of worms is that we learn that the parents are indeed dead. I had my suspicions, but it was still a slight surprise. I mean, I doubt they would have been in full hiding from everyone if they were really alive. I just find it funny how everyone discovered it the same episode that we do. What an eventful day for that run down shack!

The second set of worms was probably the biggest shocker, pink hair is actually dead. It explains why he mentioned he can't destroy the diary, but what about everything else? He clearly had a hand in many things, how is that possible? How powerful of a ghost must you be to manifest physically, he is breaking one of the cardinal rules as a ghost! There is still so much unexplained about him, sigh sigh.

Last week I didn't know if it was poor subbing, but I was wondering why the red head and Kanba referred to Shouma like he wasn't related. Now we know that even they aren't brothers. Way to make their family even more complicated then it has to be. Effectively, they were living under a roof with a love triangle, that must have been hard.

So Kanba is being forced to carry on his parent's will through ghosts; Talk about being haunted by his past (Har har har). This will for sure turn out tragic. I am pretty sure Kanba will start the plan and Ringo will be the one to sacrifice herself in place of Momo this time to save the world; Repeating the cycle in a new generation. Himari will die leaving both brothers sad and bitter. There is always that slight sliver of hope that the Penguindrum will be used one last time to change fates where they can all survive but that will feel pretty Deus ex Machina. They set the tone for this anime, now we can only watch in horror as they follow through with all the tears. I anxiously await.