Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 09 - Cross Dressing, and an Apple

Kaito cross dressing still looks less feminine than Anna.
We are now 9 episodes into the Phi series, and while I have not been all that thrilled on their many lame puzzles, the show has been very enjoyable nonetheless. Initially I thought the show would have to rely heavily on it's puzzles to keep me interested, however with the lack of any real creative or interesting puzzles to blow my mind, I find myself still tuning in each Sunday night to see Kaito and the gang. I can't put my finger on the main cause of my affiliation with the show, but I think it's the overall balance of characters, plot, and somewhat interesting puzzles. One thing I will say, is how I enjoy the character relationships and quirks they all have.

This episode was a bit of hit and miss, the puzzle was super terrible and there was practically no story or plot development whatsoever, at least the last episode had a message. I was, however, very happy with the amount of info revealed about the Principle and Jikugawa being involved with the POG. As it turns out, I was totally spot on with Jikugawa being Minotaur. These two characters don't get a lot of screen time, nor a lot of importance, as Kaito usually steals the show. It was a nice change of focus to learn more behind the Principle and Jikugawa. 

Actual emotion and involvement from Jikugawa is welcomed.
The episode revolves around a bunch of school activities for a festival being held, oh what a perfect time for the evil villain to strike, and strike he did. The thing I don't understand is why Herbert is wearing a mask, it isn't concealing his identity or anything, so really what is the point of it? His attempt to kill Kaito through his so-called "murderous" puzzle was a pretty pathetic attempt, plus he could have caused a lot of destruction if the fire had spread outside the tent to the surrounding forest and school. What was with the puzzle anyway? The puzzle was a simple "truth and lies" riddle where princess Kaito had to figure out how many of the gnomes were telling the truth and which were telling lies to free prince Nonoha. This puzzle wasn't even complete, and Herbert left out the information needed to solve the puzzle, but thankfully Jikugawa comes to his rescue and fills Kaito in on the missing info.  

Gammon continues on his path to win the heart of Nonoha, by cross dressing. EPIC!
There was some funny stuff between the characters, like how Nonoha didn't want to enter Anna into the cross dressing beauty pageant, since she was afraid Kaito would get "funny ideas". Seeing Kaito and Gammon enter the pageant was a bit funny, but it was even more hilarious when they announced that Anna, who didn't even enter, won. Of course they HAD to pick Anna, I mean, he clearly deserved the title without even trying.  

I was happy, yet unsatisfied with the episode, at least it was a good improvement on the Principle and Jikugawa's characters. It will be interesting to see how the two will continue to involve themselves with Kaito's group with the POG on alert.