Un-Go - 04 - Paper Bag Family Part II

Do tell.
This week's episode was much better than I had imagined. I half expected a long series of explanations to further explain the mystery behind Kazamori and the Sasa family. As it turns out, the mystery deepens with more questions being raised, with a fair bit of surprising events, showing us the truth instead of bluntly telling us.

How do you arrest a refrigerator?
Directly continuing from part one, part two of the masked mystery begins with Yuuki pointing out that Sasa Kazamori isn't human, and thus, not dead. Almost immediately, more questions are raised as to what information the uncle and mother were hiding.

Kinky robot sex, that is all.
As Kazamori turns out to be a RAI, I immediately wanted to know what the mother and uncle had to do with this, as well as who was the one burned in Kazamori's place. Ultimately, the entire episode is dedicated to finding out who was killed, as well as informing us about the RAI. With the small info dump of the robots with RAI, we learn they were mainly used for personal pleasure and thus a bad influence on the youth. The real reason RAI was outlawed was to allow the military to take it and manipulate it for military use, which made a lot more sense and was also linked to the messed up war-torn world this show takes place in.

Why do people dressed in black suites and shades have to appear so angry and serious?
We are introduced to a new group involved in the crime, the Public Security Force, which is a militia operated by the military. Komamori, being alive, knew that the military was out for his research and special RAI. Komamori chose to fake his death to make it impossible for the military to steal the RAI, however a spy for the Public Security Force managed to infiltrating the Sasa house. Komamori, who had already killed the real Dr. Taku and used his body for his own death, used his Robot Taku to find the spy and burn him to death. This would allow Komamori to forever hide Kazamori, however Kazamori is able to imitate human behavior and is able to process "what is right", by exposing it's self at the moment where the uncle and mother were about to be arrested for Kazamori's "death". Kazamori chose to reveal it's self in order to clear the mother and uncle of the crime, and help Yuuki find Komamori.

It seems all of Inga's special powers are purple.
It was a very interesting episode with a lot more info to cover than I expected. In this episode we take a break from our usual routine for Inga, as he/she seems to freely change his/her form at will during the episode. Inga also showed off some cool moves in the child form against he public security force. We don't get to see what happens, but Inga somehow removes the threat before going back to the Sasa house.

Everyone already knew that.
We finally get to see Izumi's partner speak and have some character screen time. It appears that Hayami Seigen is a very serious police officer, however is somehow very stupid while acting so serious. I cant help but feel sorry for Izumi who has to work with such an idiot, at least he provided some early entertainment with his stupidity.

Overall I was pleased with how the mystery was solved. There was more to the mystery than initially thought with the military becoming involved and Komamori's faked death being explained. There was mention of Yuuki being on a battlefield, as well as Inga saying she eats the emotions of humans, so it will be interesting to find out more about our two heroes. Judging by the opening and ending credits, there are still a few more characters to see, as well as it appears that Kazamori will play a role in the show through her female child body, as indicated by her appearance in the intro and ending credits.