Mashiro-Iro Symphony 05 - Being a Maid is Suffering

Well, this episode was centered around the maid of this episode. I felt the maid was pretty boring character, but it could be because I am sleep deprived atm. I guess I am judging her mainly by her green short hair, which isn't one of those hair colours I like. I think I am just biased against her because she has zero character and dislike that archtype in general.

She is pretty much confirmed as the winner of the harem already, they could just end the series now. From this episode onwards, each girl will get one episode with the final 2-3 episodes dedicating him to pick this crappy character. Maybe the Imouto's arc will be a bit longer. I can see this crappy end already, what a crappy tsundere btw.

The way the episode started, I was pretty enthusiastic, I thought the episode was going to be based on the purple hair one. I mean her club is closing down, we gotta save her! I still think she is the best one of the lot, to bad she is the least likely to be picked too. You can always tell by how much screen times and lines they get. Why must the childhood friends and tsunderes always win!

The only real defining trait of our maid was that she aspires to be the best maid ever. Her only real personality trait was that she was happy and enthusiastic about everything, in other words, just like every other background character you see. This episode centered around her was suppose to separate her from that, but it didn't. I just feel her character was done poorly with the writers hoping that her maid outfit would carry her as a character; It doesn't.

Why is the youngest one the tallest?

I was pretty bored most of the episode, but it could be my lack of sleep talking. I guess I am taking it too seriously, it is a harem anime after all. I think I should just stick to pitting girl against girl even though one of them is clearly superior to the rest. More purple hair plox.