Penguindrum 17 - The Major Turning Point

Well I hope this episode wasn't the spark of a downhill slide for this anime. They have done such a good job with introducing  the story with so much foreshadowing but everything seemed to have went to shit in this episode; The teacher's random about face was way out in left base. I seriously pray they have some good explanation for this but I have a pretty strong feeling this is going to continue down this pattern for the rest of the season.

This still one of the biggest things I love about Penguindrum. Random humour to help pass the long info dumping is still the best touch of this show. Having that reoccuring Octopus theme throughout this episode really pushed it even further. I still wish more shows did this rather then random background pans and staring at a faces open and close their mouth repeatedly. It definitely would make any anime more enjoyable.

I was skeptical of the repeat scenes from the transformation that I knew would be reused from episode two onwards. Now I just want to see those repeat scenes MORE; I can't believe they grew on me so much. So it is implied the Penguindrum is something that isn't the diary, surprise surprise. So the Penguindrum is probably love or whatever crazy life extract that is keeping Himari alive right now. Either way, I have no fucken clue what they are trying to pull here. It sounds like it is going to turn out bad regardless.

Nothing super new, as we what we consider truth and reality, is different because we don't understand everything in the world. This is why the world being flat was considered truth at one point, but far from reality. Either way, it was probably a signal that what the pink haired guy and the hat is lying to them. Feeding the false facts to lead them all astray. They were pretty direct with this "foreshadowing" which is more grounds for the trainwreck of an episode and maybe future of this show; They aren't even trying to hide it cleverly anymore.

I guess this should be the real highlight of the episode, the beginning mark of the battle. Bringing out a machine gun and a crossbow, btw crossbows always win cause I say so. I still think this battle will end in a draw, it seems way to early for their showdown to begin. It also doesn't seem like an anime where they will really battle it out. I am leaning on them ending up on the same side to battle the pink hair guy which is the "evil" one.

This was the biggest change of character, ever. He was pretty adamant through the series that he was fine and moved on. He was also the one to push everyone else to move on too. This was just felt way too forced and out of place. This whole episode was just random moments stuffed together to force the plot along in an unexpected way; This fails when things don't flow well. I mean they had such a good job keeping the plot flowing strong until now, I am just disappointed at how this turned out. I am hoping they turn this around by explaining much of this episode, I just doubt it will happen, they have favoured a fast moving pace with lots of twists in this show. Why stop when it is nearing the climax? Plot holes, the shortfall of all good rollercoaster anime plots. sigh sigh.