Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle - 08 - The Resort's Friendly Puzzle

The episode was actually called "Crab! Hot Springs! Puzzle King!", but it should have been called the "Meh, it was OK" episode. This episode was one of those side episodes, meaning it wasn't your fan-based episode, but it also wasn't really a plot driven, or character revealing episode. If I were to explain the episode, I would simply say it was a wake-up call to some of our own issues in the real world. The episode explores the beauty of nature and the invasion of construction and human development. I just realized I said "episode" 8 times in that paragraph; I deserve to given the look of disappointment from my fellow bloggers.

This guy always cracks me up
It was a somewhat funny episode with the return of the self proclaimed "Puzzle King". The only kick I got out of this episode was the humor between Kaito and the "Puzzle King", as well as the lesson learned about nature and true beauty.

This week's installment of Phi Brain was as much of a character revealing episode for Anna, as last week's episode was a character progression for Nonoha; meaning that it really didn't tell us anything we already knew of Anna's character.

This week's Sage puzzle turned out to not even be a real Sage puzzle in the least. There was absolutely no danger whatsoever, aside from Kaito falling and being saved by the forest animals that Nonoha and Anna are riding.

Super happy crabs, me want
Another Nonoha clip of her developing feelings of Kaito. This time, Nonoha explicitly shows a connection with her heart and Kaito, except Crabs fills her mind immediately. I am actually pleased that the show doesn't seem to try any serious relationship drama issues, and instead takes light of these portrayals of love from Nonoha.

More screen time for Anna, the episode had plenty of emotional connections between him and nature. Anna was somehow able to paint a landscape that she not only never saw, but the painting's content didn't even exist at the moment. He is a pretty weird individual, and no matter how many times I look at it, he still looks like a girl to me.

There really wasn't much to say about this episode, I want to return to Kaito solving dangerous puzzles with more screen time from Rook. I've had enough of these pointless and rather boring non-plot installments.