Penguindrum 20 - The Truth of the Takakuras

Slightly late with this post due to being overworked at work and trying to beat Recettear which is addicting as hell, I'll do a review that later. So, we are finally shown the truth of their family as things start to connect together. With only four episodes remaining, it is clear the direction they will be taking this anime now. Just as I predicted last week.

That was one huge elephant in the room to ignore, how did Himari and Kanba do it?!!?!? At least Shouma had some sanity left in him to tackle this obvious problem. I guess they already knew the truth long ago, the real question comes to what happened that was so traumatic that Shouma and Himari forgot. Though, at this point I had to go back to the first episode with Kanba's monologue, he clearly states he ignoring fate and DNA to love someone. He is clearly implying they are blood related <.<

Seeking love advice from a doctor, I think she went to the wrong kind of doctor though. It was a very nice scene at least, with his explanation of chasing after love. It helped to have the 2 rabbits acting things out too. It was just a nice touching scene.

Then we have the core of the episode, meeting loli Himari. Her clear lose of will to continue forward was very apparent. I was pretty sad watching loli Himari thinking she wouldn't amount to anything. At least all the faceless people make sense now, all people that went through the child broiler and became invisible. Not sure if that was meant to be like that though, but a nice touch.

So I was not surprised to see that the parents were looking for some righteous goal; Saw that coming a mile away. A cult created to save the world, I am guessing by the end of this anime, they will destroy the child broiler. The question is how does Momo tie into this, she was probably more important to this event then we have been told so far. Sorry, for short pretty crappy post, pretty tired. My other option was to just delete post and skip a week, hopefully by next week I'll be less overworked.