Guilty Clown 07 - Back to School to Create a Harem

So they decided to not even pretend this show wasn't just selling fanservice. I guess it should have been obvious from what Inori walks around in all the time. We finally get some real screen time for the mother and some new student council girl that have both fallen for our main character. His harem seems to grow without him even trying, no different from my other harem anime.

Might as well examine his harem as nothing else happens this episode. First up is the student council president, we always have to have that model student fall for you. Why else would she step in to defend him and even slap another student? That is probably grounds for her to lose her position. She might get stolen by Gai though, not surprising since he already owns Inori.

Then we get this random girl that likes him for no reason. She gets zero lines and that bento box behind her is probably for him too. I seriously question what her role in this show is, she just has a crush on main character for zero reason, I love shoes as much as the next person, but a Shu isn't the same. I am going to laugh when her real role is just a plot device. She will confess her love and die soon after.

Next we get the mother that wants Shu just as bad. I mean, first thing she does when she gets home is strip down. She then asks to cuddle, not to mention she looks like she is younger then Shu. Either way, I am sure I know what goes on in their house with only the two of them living there. Probably eloped off together to run away from the dad/husband.

So I guess I can touch up on the slight plot related bits since the rest of the girls are already obviously in Shu's harem. At least they actually need to establish supplies, a real growing problem being a terrorist. Especially since their "backup" was wiped out earlier. Nothing else of importance to the plot really occurred, unless harem building starting being a big thing. Even then, he would need to do more then nothing for it to feel like something is happening.

So we get another clear view of the childhood friend Inori is cloned from. I am sure before this anime ends, we will get a flashback of what occurred back then. Hopefully it won't be too painful, anyone else notice she looks much older then him? Anyways, another week of Guilty Clown, another week of my favourite show to pick apart all it's flaws.