Guilty Crown 04 - It's a Gravity Beam, I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit!

Tsk tsk, profounding sounding questions with simple answers

I just couldn't get over the epic laws of gravity within this anime. I guess this is to be expected with people leaping tall mechs in a single bound. The episode did end on a strong note with the main character showing he isn't completely brain dead. Also pretty shitty screen caps this post since it is web rip that was upscaled D:

So our main character was quickly betrayed so that the "friend" could help his brother. The only reason to redeem this random guy would be that he has more roles to play in the anime. That could only mean one thing, our main character is going to back to school soon. I guess I just don't care for characters like these that are purely put in for random plot direction changes. I doubt he will have much more of a roll other then this.

So the main character is actually forced to think about both sides. Both sides are still left pretty ambiguous on their true goals so it is impossible to pin either side as the "good" guys. The only real difference is one side has a famous web singer that runs around wearing nothing, clearly the only real reason he is picking that side anyways.

This is second time she is pretty openly running around in this anime. How has she not been arrested yet? Being famous, she should be pretty easy to track down. Not to mention the incompetence of the nameless lackeys are extra bad in this anime. At least they usually try and shoot even if they miss horribly. All of them just stand there stunned. No wonder a random scantily clad girl can just walk right pass them, or maybe the soldiers were just mesmerized by her looks.

Epic gravity gun is epic, what would this episode be without you? That gravity gun was just over the top, I think the writers don't understand the difference between zero gravity and being underwater. Why else would those enemy mechs be rendered useless just because they were in a zero gravity bubble? On that note, why did Inori slow down when she reached the bubble, or why did the main character even need to push off the water bubbles to jump up and why didn't the bubbles move down after being pushed off of? The gravity rules fluctuated so heavily from one object to another I have trouble figuring out if anyone on the production knows anything about physics. For such huge inconsistencies every time this gun is fired is just ridiculous.

It was nice to see the main character not be an absolute retard and actually consider thinking about both sides. I wouldn't trust either of them at this point and go back to my school life. I mean, think of all that rape you could get away with in your school with that power! Screw saving the world, it is harem creation time! Not like either side is trying to save the world to begin with either, why bother joining a war that isn't yours?