Mirai Nikki Ep05 - Voice Memo

I was hoping for a nice cat fight, oh well, the episode was good enough.
This week's episode was probably the best episode so far, or at least on par with the first Uryuuu action packed episode. Carrying right from where we left off, Yukkii, Yuno, and Tsubaki are surrounded by the hypnotized followers, with Yuno telling Yukki to follow her and live, or stay with Tsubaki and die. We follow up with a bit of background insight behind Tsubaki.

Her true intentions come to light,.
Her parents were in a tragic accident, and for some reason, her very own followers decide to rape Tsubaki, supposedly cleansing themselves. I don't understand what logic was behind this, and I find it pretty disgusting. This event clearly must have had some sort of psychological impact on Tsubaki, especially when her mother's hand ball was lost to the "unseen world". It is this unseen world that Tsubaki hates so much and even desires an end to it.

Twelfth is easily my favorite.
As expected, Twelfth has the ability to hypnotize people, however there was no explanation behind this, which is sad, since I thought it was pretty awesome, and it would definitely help him in the game. Twelfth's diary turns out to be the Righteous diary, it his own personal beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. Twelfth follows what his voice recording diary says with absolute faith.

We don't get any insight behind who Twelfth is, but we do find out that he infiltrated the Sacred Eye and is actually blind, thus, his hearing is impeccable and makes up for his loss of sight. Twelfth's ultimate goal was the killing of Tsubaki, he had no intention of involving any of the other diary holders. Unfortunately, Twelfth ends up facing his demise, although he did go out with a bang, and in style, righteously.

I think i'm in love. I also think there's something wrong with me.
At the end of her limit, Yuno continues to patiently win over Yukki from the clutches of Sixth. After Tsubaki reveals her true intentions to eliminate First, Second, and Fourth, she kisses Yukki (I saw some tongue action)  and Yuno goes berserk, easily breaking free from the two grown men who have her while slashing frantically. Yuno even ends cutting off Tsubaki's arm before freeing Yukki. Yuno collapses after being exhausted. I have to say, Yuno is one tough cookie, if it involves Yukki, no one can stop her.

He's finally deciding for himself.
Yukki finally makes a decision regarding the game by himself. He chooses to risk capture and death by going back to try and save Yuno before she becomes an item. After the last two episodes, Yukki lost faith and trust in Yuno, due to her stalker/psycho personality, as well as the mysterious dead bodies in her house. After reading her diary, Yukkii learns that Yuno was trying to protect him the entire time, and truly loves him. Yukki is able to believe in Yuno, and decides to finally take action by himself and save Yuno. This sudden spark bravely surprised everyone, even himself.

Yukki takes charge, and takes out Tsubaki all by himself by distracting the followers with Tsubaki's hand ball memento of her mother.I must say, it would be real easy to damage her diary, I mean, it's not a strong compact device like a cell phone, it's just paper. I've noticed that in almost all shows; whenever they tell you a character's background after recently introducing them, there's a good chance they're about to be killed off.

I was so sad to see Twelfth die, he truly was ridiculously awesome, and even had a righteous death. When I first saw the trailer for Mirai Nikki, I was intrigued. As I started watching the show, I was immersed within its universe, and now, I consider it to be the best show this season. The two main things I love about the show are its characters and the violent/bloody/psycho themes. Yukkii is a character I enjoy watching, he is constantly unsure of what is going to happen within the game as he is always thinking of how he can cope with his allies to become stronger and survive.

Overall this was an excellent episode completing the arc of twelfth and Sixth. It will be interesting to see what Fourth is up to with Uryuu, and how it will tie in Yukki and Yuno. I'm glad to see more progression of Yukki and Yuno's relationship through such an action packed episode, rather than the boring amusement park episode.