Last Exile: Fam 04 - The Reaper Ship

Is it just me or did this show seem to have slowed down considerably? It started off with ships flying everywhere and wars breaking out to slice of Fam's life these last two episodes. From my anime watching experience, I was pretty sure they wouldn't reach the Slyvius until the end of the episode but it hit much harder with all the great shows airing of late, maybe it is me wanting to get back to Fate/Extra; Dat fluffy tail!

So we start the show off with some fanservice from our Hime. Actually the fanservice lasted quite some time with multiple scenes, is that what her character has been reduced to? At least she didn't look as bad with her short hair this episode, it looked much worse when they first showcased it. As much as I like fanservice, I think I would have preferred some plot during this time. Last Exile was always a more plot heavy show, this was quite disappointing.

After half an episode of pointless filler, we finally get to see the Sylvius in action. I don't remember a single one of these characters, but i can say that listening officer was awesome, more plox. Titiana was suppose to be a pretty important character in the first series based on what Rho told me, but I still remember nothing. At least she showed her flying prowess when she owned Fam. It was quite clear they were toying with the pirates to begin with, the question is why?

I wonder if Titiana and Dio were in league; Dio was sent ahead to lure the pirates to attack. I mean they clearly knew each other, they were both pretty important characters of the first season. My guess was the Sylvius wanted to join the war, but needed more ships to start a small brigade; Not to mention a crew to fly the ships. I guess that will be next episodes story.

I will diligently await the next episode hoping things start to churn in motion again. The last two episode have slowed down considerably and I am praying they pick up the pace. Hopefully with a bigger core cast and a real warship, bullets will start to fly. This was one of my highly anticipated shows and I hope it does not let me down.