Fate/Extra Updatez

Oh Lancer, great use of your spear

Random Fate/Extra update: I am in my 4th week of the game and loving it. I picked caster which I quickly realized was unecessarily harder then the other 2 classes for your first play through. (Average gameplay time 10-15 for Saber/Archer, 30 for Caster).

For anyone looking for the game: Torrent     DDL: Part1 Part2

Here is JP wiki which is extremely helpful to learn monster patterns, especially if you are Caster first playthrough like me(just run it through Google translate)

From what I hear, an emulator exists but it doesn't work for everyone; It also lags.

Here are some random screenshots, I'll update once I beat the game with TONS OF SPOILERS and then maybe a second playthrough for the other ending and easy mode Saber.

Happy to see Sakura back

Sneaky thieves need to be skinny to hide!

What a generous offer!

Can't... Resist... Ears...