Mashiro-Iro Symphony 08 - MIU route get!

Oh ya baby!! MIU ROUTE CONFIRMED!!! Well I guess I get to eat my words now, I was pretty certain that Miu would play zero role all season and BAM, she ends up being the one to be picked. This just shot this anime up in my books. I am still a bit in awe that the anime turned so suddenly towards her, definitely didn't see this coming at all.

Wow Sana was pretty try hard this episode, I fucken loved it. She was rejected in every attempt she made. I mean, she would only be friend zoned if the main character was a girl, she isn't even good enough otherwise! It was so satisfying seeing her fail over and over again. All those crushed dreams only served to make me like this episode more!

They really made it as obvious as possible that Miu has already won. Clear favourtism by the main character. The focus seemed to have shifted pretty quickly to her. She went from nearly zero lines and no screen time to the main focus. I guess her more subtle approach for "hard-to-get" worked better then the 2 tsunderes!

How much more obvious did they have to make it with the cats?

It was just fun to watch Airi through the episode in the shadows. She spent her time in the shadows looking on at how she failed. She even took a bath together with the main character, I was sure she sealed the deal with that, I am sure she thought that too! I am still so surprised to see that she lost, she had by far the most screen time and one of the first characters to be introduced; Those are shoe in characteristics!

Well, I am fully looking forward to this anime now. It has only been a few times that the girl I liked in these visual adaptations was actually picked; The other times being Shuffle! and True Tears. I can't wait to see how this all plays out, I been slightly spoiled by being told it will be sad. I hope it won't be too bad. Definitely got lucky picking this show up. Btw: I am still chewing on my words, their just are so many D: