Mashiro-Iro Symphony 06 - Obligations of a Maid

You will never have a maid warm up a bed for you

So this episode was to solidify the crappy Tsundere as the end girl the main character will end with. I am 100% sure of this, they are really putting no effort in developing any of the other girls. At least it was humorous with the maid's crazy antics. Things don't seem as bad this episode, I guess it cause I am pretty tired right now so anything light hearted sinks in better.

You will never have your imouto and a maid fighting to wash your back

Oh god, two maids waiting hand and foot on our main character, since when did the sister become like that? She is truly treating the maid as competition which could only mean she has a onii-chan complex. Unsurprising that our main character has a harem, the surprise comes in how open the harem is admitting to liking him though.

It was nice to finally see the purple hair girl getting some screen time with what I thought was an arc based on her club, instead I got more of this crappy red head. She is Deretsun, doing everythign in the reverse order. She will probably never warm up to main character because they don't care about developing anyone other then that crappy tsundere anymore.

Out of contect screenshots!

This episode was very clear that she is looking to take things to the next level. She was the first girl to get real screen time, it is unsurprising to see her be the one that was picked. That is generally the best judge of who will win. It was funny when they spent so much putting up posters when it was clear she would be the one that joins the club. I mean, it would mean introducing another character this late in the show, which is rare.

Dat beam of light at night with no lights on

This has turned to an anime I just watch mid week to waste some time. It isn't particularly good, but I wasn't expecting much to begin with. Something to fill my early-mid week as my habit in posting has got me wanting to make posts all the time now. I guess I am slowly accepting the fake tsundere as an inevitability and stopped caring... Poor senpai getting no character or screen time.  Being side character of a harem is suffering.