Guilty Crown 05 - Wheelchair Girls are Best

As much of a trainwreck I think this show still is, there was one shinning light this episode. The spotlight of this episode was our wheelchair friend which was pretty awesome, much better then that whore running around with no clothes on. The plot seems to have picked up slightly but I still think it is trash, it is pretty obvious where they are going with this.

What was funny was that he was holding the cloth and then it drops, it could only mean he meant to show her his junk. It was nice to have so much screen time with her though, I really liked her by the end of this episode even if she lost the mock battle; I mean, he cheated!

Gai's role in the group is more like a cult like that weird guy last episode pointed out. Everyone seems to worship Gai with no solid reason why. We still don't even know his real intentions, that seems pretty cult like to me, blindly following a leader. I swear he is going to end up being one of the villains in this story. I am guessing our main character will form a third faction of his own and battle them both! Only problem with that is he would need to step up a bit to be able to lead; That one is hard to imagine happening.

I was laughing so hard when these scenes with her hit. Kind of bad cause I was standing in a crowded subway. He got NTRed so bad, way to promote the fact that sex sells. The only reason Shu even picked this side was to follow the whore around in hopes of getting with her. It was just absolutely hilarious when he finds out that he was played.

It was funny when she broke the real news about Gai and Inori to Shu here. Probably the scene where I began to really like her character. Someone that feels they have something to prove and accepts no help is always good to see. I am still sad to see her lose in the mock battle though, especially cause he cheated. On a technicality, it is legit, but the point of exercise was to increase his base skills. He could easily solve all his problem by running around with that whore and using the imba sword to kill everyone. I wonder if he will still  use her sword now?

So they love cliff hanger endings but I guess I don't really care about him so I don't feel it. The plot didn't develop too much other then learning Gai is really leading a cult here. I just feel like Guilty Crown is far from living up to the hype. Part of what made Code Geass was a decent main character with a more "mind game" like plot. This is just way too straight forward and selling sex; Just like every other anime.