C Cube 06 - Does Massaging Really Work?

Though I doubt that it does, someone bust this myth for me (no pun intended). Anyway, a bit of the delayed post because I've been rather busy, and UTW's release was rather slow. This week's episode starts another arc and introduces two new characters, both female of course. I felt that it was one of the weaker episodes, since there was only a bit of action, and all that was slicing open a couple of stuffed animals.

The first character introduced is a doll named Sovereignty, the cursed tool of the arc. She's voiced by Chiwa Saito, which I recognized because the voice she uses is quite similar to the one she used for Senjougahara in Bakemonogatari. Apparently, she feels betrayed by humans, so she hates them now. Konoha surmised that she has a reason for draining the life force, albeit non-fatal, from the students of the school. Perhaps it has to with her final line in the episode, "Does anyone truly wish to have their curse lifted?" She comes across to be a rather cynical character, especially on the raison d'ĂȘtre of cursed tools.

Here we have Shiraho, a klutz with a rather large chest size. I personally don't care for this archetype, but I'm sure it appeals to some people out there. She seems to be the only human that Sovereignty doesn't hate. Here's a rather obvious prediction: by the end of this arc, Shiraho will profess that she will always be Sovereignty's friend. Then our protagonists will proceed to try to lift Sovereignty's curse and Shiraho will continue to bump into people with her boobs.

I know I've said this before, but Silver Link really uses the contrast of color well. This really shows that they're on opposing sides, or perhaps even that they have contrasting ideologies for the time being. I'm wondering how they'll actually try to convince her that they'll try to lift her curse, because she doesn't seem to listen to reason right now. A hunch tells me that they'll probably physically defeat her in battle to accomplish that.

So in this episode we had a couple seconds of the shady math teacher overhearing the side characters' conversations. Kirika is also wondering what's going on. More importantly, Konoha has been attacked, and a new male character is likely going to be introduced next episode. Was it Sovereignty that attacked her? Or was it the unknown male character? I'm guessing the latter. Next week's episode should prove a bit more interesting than this one.