Gundam Age 05 - Gear Carried

What is with slow episodes this weekend? It is like asking me to stop procrastinating my work for the weekend D: Between posts and playing Fate/Extra I have no extra time! On topic, we are confirmed that the UE are the ones with the future sight ability; I'm not too surprised. How else can they setup the whole, my lover is my enemy like Gundam Destiny?

So we get to see super emo mode of the childhood friend all episode. I am really disliking her character, I just wish she would realize she is forever friendzoned and go away. Dying would be the perfect plot device to get our main character revved up on a rampage, not to mention she will be out of the picture. Then again, all the ones that die end up getting more screen time in ghost form and flashbacks so I am not too sure.

Oh main character, he jumped out from behind a rock onto a road and it is your fault? Tsk Tsk. I would have just left him, it is only a scrapped knee. Why would you bring a kid into a warship instead of the hospital facilities probably in the airport they walked through. He has zero sense, he deserves to have his Gundam jacked.

Unsurprisingly, the main character got cheated out of his Gundam. He was clearly a secret enemy the second he popped out on the road. He also confirmed that the main character is useless without his Gundam. He relies on gear instead of skill, tsk tsk. He was absolutely useless when put into one of the generic mechs. I mean Athrun clearly showed he was skilled at the start of Gundam Destiny when he was winning with just some random mech he jumped into.

Being third wheel sucks

So we are sure that all the new character will probably be the big bad guy to defeat at the end. The question is how the purple hair lover will fit in. I am guessing they are a race of "coordinator" like style that can see the future a bit. Where have I seen a plot very similiar to this before... oh right, every other Gundam series. It is sad when you can easily relate the actions in this show to ones that have happened in previous versions of this universe. A one trick pony like Guilty Geass.