Ben-To 05 - We Finally Have Our Plot

It took a while, but they finally decided to introduce a plot to our story. So it comes down to a war between the wolves to gain more territory. I just find it odd they separated it by west and east, it seems to be a bit random to split things like that. At least this insures an huge upcoming brawl, not like their hasn't been action every episode.

So we get a slight intro to our super bad luck loli. I was hoping she would get some more screen time. To find out what her role was. Still, she does not replace Ume, I was so sad to realize she got zero screen time this episode. I still think getting a billion free cans of coke isn't bad luck. The powers of her bad luck are pretty awesome nonetheless. I am wondering what would happened with our loli and Ume if they were put together.

The bulk of the episode being the introduction to Monarch. I was surprised that a rivalry exists. Wolves are suppose to hunt solo. For them to band together to fight as a side feels awkward. I mean, The best of a location fighting another best should have no real correlation. It is just a battle between two of the best wolves and has zero repercussions to any of the other wolves. It just seemed very awkward to have a war between the two sides.

It is pretty obvious she was one of the two wolves that battled it out to start the rivalry. She is even introduced as one of the retired wolves. They didn't even attempt to hide it. I can only assume she will get more screen time to start a flashback of what has happened in the past in the midst of the brawl. I think it is a bit early still to be introducing this as the major climax and I would be pretty disappointing if it got dragged out too badly.

Still an extremely entertaining show with an introduction of a more solid plot. As long as they keep their wacky humour with some crazy brawls, it is fine by me. I guess the fighting being so simple is just the break I need. When anime all need super special finishing moves to keep things flashy, a simple punching brawl stands out amongst all those battle anime. Definitely an anime I am enjoying quite a bit.