Penguindrum 18 - Terrible Arc End

I still hate this arc with a burning passion. They are building a story like it was all planned when no previous episode showed any indication at all. I  think it was just poorly done and they are just abusing their flashback privileges further. You can't be a one trick pony, they just show a controversial scene and explain it with a flashback. They have done that in this anime I don't even know how many times now...

So we get to hear this filler of a backstory. The only real coloration to anything that happened so far was we never really knew how Momo and the teacher met. Other then that, his whole piano shit was random as fuck. I randomly pulled 3 different episodes with him in it and BOTH HIS HANDS LOOKED FINE. Then some random zoom in this episode shows a scar on his hand. On that note: Where was the scar on Momo's hand in Yuri's flashback of her? They could at least TRY to make it look like they aren't making it up on the spot?

This part of the episode was plausible for once. I always thought that logo was just offshoot of the penguins you see everywhere, but it does explain quite a bit. It always felt odd he was pretty much getting money for free from these guys. With his father hidden amongst them, it would explain all the free money. The question is if the said parents will show up and one of those WTF moments. I am still hoping Double H shows up for more screen time, it feels like they are so left out but get so much screen time. Including them in the loop would be pretty kool twist.

I just feel the teachers plight was extremely forced, almost like they had nothing better to do but wanted to keep some tension. These two episode was just terribly done imo. I mean, he even CHANGES his mind and saves Himari. Talk about flipping back and forth whenever he feels like it. His flashback story was pretty stupid to begin with too. He brought all the misery on himself and he blames others. Hopefully things move back on track in the final stretch since I still think they can redeem themselves.

I still think they are abusing the flashback mechanic way too hard in this anime. I am all for flashbacks, but they are using it way to much to explain everything. It feels like they can't properly weave in the background information so they just do a flashback since they don't want info dump. Btw, they still had info dumping in this show. The way the flashbacks have been used in this series is starting to just be poor writing. I had so much hope for Penguindrum too!