Un-Go - 06 - A New Face Appears

Another day, another mystery, however this episode turns out to be the start of some opposing force to Yuuki. It is nice to finally see some long term struggle appear as a new face makes the scene as the opposing force of the show. This green haired individual apparently wants Yuuki to be the greatest detective, and in order for that to happen, he says he is going to initiate, or involve himself in situations to create a mystery for Yuuki to solve, no matter how cruel or unfortunate the results may be. He has quite the potential, after turning a possible joyful reunion for Yajima with his family, into an event where Yajima almost takes his wife's life away. There was no mention of the guy's name, but I'm sure they could have told us unless it's suppose to be a secret.

While the individual was only revealed at the end of the episode, this weeks mystery was pretty simple, however it had quite the escalation as rumors began to sprout. The mystery wasn't all that special, instead we were given a rather interesting and unfortunate outcome of the war for Yajima's family.

 After being imprisoned for a speech made during the war, Yajima's children were sent away to be cared for after their mother began to struggle to cope without her husband. Yajima's wife realized how terrible she was for neglecting her children that she blinded herself and suffered a loss of memory as well.  After finding the slips of super easy code within the books, Yajima believes they were from his wife to Kaisho, assuming they had an affair. As it turns out it was a way for the children to communicate with Kaisho who was helping them out, but It wasn't very clear on whether or not Kaisho did indeed have an affair. I never really liked Kaisho, so it was nice seeing him as a potential suspect this time around.

I love the little scenes between Yuuki and Rie, a nice little bit of side humor and possible interest between the two. I think Rie has a bit of a fancy for Yuuki, I mean, this technically could be considered a date after all. Also, it makes sense that Rie doesn't approve of her father's lies and cover ups, and wants to side with Yuuki, who wishes to bring light to all the mysteries. I do hope we continue to see more subtle scenes like this one pictured above. At this point in the series I believe I understand why I like the show so much, it's the interactions between Inga, Yuuki, RAI, and Rie, and not the mysteries themselves. Another thing to note is how well each mystery revolves around the effects of the war on Japan. I continue to look forward to next episode in hopes of more connection between Rie and Yuuki, they a make a humorous couple, just don't tell Inga on me, I think she might get mad.