Fate/Zero 07 - Tentacle Monster Invasion

Rider being awesome as always

I am still sad that beserker isn't getting any screen time. On the other note, I am pretty sure the first Master will fall soon, I am guessing it will be Caster and Lancer's master, this leaving Lancer open to be picked up by another master. That or he dies so that Saber gets her full power back. Maybe that is just me not wanting lancer to die D:

So the official announcement for Caster to be killed was given by the church. It was interesting to see the judge is picked by the grail too. It is probably why they are so bias for Tohsaka to win; Biased judges ruin games! With two masters and the judge working together, how could they possibly lose?

This was pretty odd though. I was sure he wasn't the type to be so emotionally attached. He was suppose to be a cold ruthless killer. Then again, who wouldn't love Irisviel. He was always using weapons and depicted as an assassin type. I mean he is bringing in modern guns and crap into a battle of magic, that seems pretty blasphemous to me.

Finally Caster makes his entrance with his army of tentacle monsters. If this was actually a visual novel, it would be obvious what would happen next with so many tentacle monsters. He still seems pretty weak since you can just plow right through them. Just a very gimmicky tactic, all the legendary souls slaughter armies like nothing, why would an army be any good against them?

Anyone else think that metal blob is way too strong? Super powerful summons like that can only mean one thing, he is about to die. You must see their ultimate attack before they die right? No main character can get randomly killed by a stray bullet, imagine the rage. I wonder why when he sped up time he didn't just go for the kill, it would have finished everything.

We might get to see that special hangun in action next episode. I mean, he had the jump on the guy and calls out his name so he knows where he is... Pure genius move. So I am guessing next episode we will see the fall of either Lancer or Caster, it is about time the first one falls. I mean with seven servants and twenty six episodes, you are looking at about one doing every three episodes, it is long overdue!