Un-Go: First Impression, Opinion

Since we already have Aaro and Envy covering this show, this post will be more of an opinionated branch from Aaro's summary of the first episode. 

When I first saw the trailer for Un-Go, it reminded me of Darker than Black’s art style. After finding out that BONES did in fact work on both these shows, I was eager to check out Un-Go. 

The reason I enjoyed Darker than Black so much was not for its plot, but for its characters. Darker than Black's main character Hei was different than your typical hero, and was usually expressionless. Hei's character piqued my curiosity, and I would always wonder what kind of person Hei was beneath the surface. Shows that present their characters on a higher level than their plot may not always work, but it is refreshing to find a series that doesn't rely entirely on the plot or story to keep you interested.

I too wish I had my own personal panda assistant to introduce me to everyone.

Un-Go immediately struck my interest with how they brought up issues of war, political conspiracies, corruption ,and murder so casually. A lot of shows I have seen present these issues as the backbone behind their storyline. This careful weaving of characters and plot creates the storyline and main attraction of most shows, but Un-Go seems to take a different path. Un-Go presents the main characters differently, with very little information being revealed about their personalities.Yuuki is presented as an expressionless detective with no insight to his thoughts. The only information we learn about Yuuki is from the other minor characters of the show. 

Yuuki’s boss, and possible mascot, Inga, is more of the mysterious type. Being able to change age and gender is what I find to be so damn confusing, and yet I am curious to find out what exactly she is and what her relationship is with Yuuki. In fact, the only chance we see any change in Yuuki's expression is when Inga appears in her true form, causing an awkward discomforting look to appear on Yuuki's face.

It was so obvious, yet everyone overlooked this question.

I didn't even care all that much for the actual events of the episode, I was more interested with what kind of character Yuuki and Inga could possibly turn into. From what I've seen, Yuuki is contempt with solving every mystery he can, while giving Kaisho the fame. Inga tells us that she is Yuuki's boss, however we still didn't find out anything about her, and how she is able to use Geass- like powers (Code Geass, watch it!). The first episode didn't really describe any future plot or ultimate evil that will conflict with the detective, nor did it tell us why we should even care. We were simply introduced to a few key characters, which are more mysterious the closer we get to the main character, Yuuki.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and look forward to the next. The odd mix of characters has me interested, while the mysteries seem to act as the needed tool to further reveal Yuuki and Inga. I always develop a sense of curiosity to characters that are gradually explored.